23 September, 2008

Episode 5

Weigh in:
Still going:
SOTS clue 5 done
MOTS Clue 3 finished
Limon Ape socks : CIMG0986
Started: Swedish Thora Sweater in handspunCIMG0985

LieslLiesl 004
Love Socks
Weight Gain: Thank you to Sydney of Knaked Knits podcast for the sassy stripe yarn from LL
Bought 2 skeins of Heart & Sole Red Heart sock yarn to try.

Bams: Spinning roving chosen in pole, thank you for your votes.CIMG0987
BFL from CopperMoose

Our exercise:
Diet: going well so far
Couch to 5k: Moving up and doing good

Kills Coggie’s diet!! Apple pickin’ at Cranes in Fennville, Michigan.
Pie of the month club
Simplicity Gourmet cookware
Dueling cinnamon rolls mmmmm.

Interweave Crochet at ThreadBear Fiber Arts in Lansing, Michigan
Thank you to Rob and Matt for putting on a wonderful event and to Kim Werker, Editor of Interweave Crochet and Sandi Wiseheart , Editor of Knitting Daily, for a wonderfully informational show.
Sandi Talking about SAMSandi talking about Sam
Kim With Crocheted Afghan IC fall 08Kim showing the wonderful wool/bamboo afghan in the book
How to resize to fitThis is the cobblestone sweater
Bag IC Fall 08 Wonderful bag in IC
I will talk about this more next week.

Working on two charity blankets for Stitch it! Podcast.

Shows off swap, Thank you to Coley8301 of Ravelry, you spoiled me!!! This was part of the YarnThing Podcast Swap
YarnThing swap 002YarnThing swap 004YarnThing swap 005

This is where we are going to give back, make aware and generally try to be good people each week.

Teal Toes: Paint your toes for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

On the menu for this month:
Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool : Sept 27-28
Yarn Con: October 4th
Sizing class at ThreadBear; November 15th

Shout outs:
Dyeing to knit podcast, thank you .. Opps These ladies are both from New Hampshire
Linked in comments to Limenviolet, we are not worthy, love the podcast.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Keeping Mum

Gadget Corner:

16 September, 2008

Ep. 4: Ask me about my Ho socks

Hello Dieters
Lots of newness this week, the sound quality is better, maybe too good, sorry about the ear splitting laughter, we will work on toning it down now.
ETA: We figured it out, it was mic problems again, Next week will be better, Thank you everyone for being patient.

The show can be found at http://thehighfiberdiet.mypodcast.com/index.html
Weigh In:
Sock 1 of Limon Ape
Fingerless gloves in "Pirate" Link for showing Philosopher’s Wool technique

Mystery Stole IV- clue 2 done
SOTS III –clue 5 mostly done

Dumpling Bag-Lumpy DumpyBiddy Dump Didn't Felt
Blue Hawaiian Socks Sock 1 done
On Going:
Babette Blanket- Making LOTS of squares
Jolly Green Giant Socks#2 Jolly Green Sock
Ms. PurpleJeans: off the Mr. GreenJeans pattern from Knitty.comMs. Purple Jeans
Liesl in Online City Linie 117 :Liesl Book Thief is the book, The pattern is named after the main character from it,

Photos of wool dyeing:Bams dyeing fall roving, YUM!Begining of Hope blankLove socks
Love all striped up

Spicy Squash Roving: YUM!!CIMG0975

What should Bams Spin Next? Vote Over There---> CIMG0974

Did a little spinning with Shooting Stars rovingFireStarter Roving
She really wants a wheel.
Looking at: Hitchhiker , Ashford Kiwi and Fiberstarter ( oops I said firestarter on the show)
Bams answers spinning wheel questions

Real Diet:
Couch to 5k; going ok, redoing a week, how are others doing on this?
Thank you to LadyBugKnitter for the info on WW.
Thank you to Kraftie on Ravelry for the Sparkspeople.com website

Stay tuned; Upcoming announcement next week.

This week we answer questions people have asked us; Coggie also show she really cannot read *sigh*
KPPPM = Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino Yarn (KPPPM)

Gadget Corner:
ThimbleIt. Found on Amazon

On the menu:
Yarncon More Info
Mihaela's Fashion Show More Info
Northern Michigan Lamb and wool festival: Sept 27-28 more info
LNYP at City Knitting: Oct. 10 more info

04 September, 2008

So we're immature. Wanna make somethin' of it?

Hello Dieters
Thank you for bearing with us these last few weeks. We think we have figured out the sound issues and it will just keep improving. This week we have a few crackles, next week will be better as we returned the bad mic for a good one.
We would like to thank Bams husband, the Chief, for all his help with sound quality.
Bams and Coggie are a bit all over the place this episode. We recorded once, and the sound quality was BAD, really BAD! So we popped a hard cider and recorded the second show. Now you can tell them if they should drink... or not during podcasting…

Thank you everyone for your comments on the podcast, we had 30 names in the drawing.
And the Contest Winners are:
Teejtc ~ The handspun
Chrismomom~ The Sockyarn
YAY to you two!!! Woo hoo!!

Weigh In:
Dumpling Bag- cast on and needs to be feltedBiddy Dump Bag
Babette Blanket- Making LOTS of squaresBabette Blanket Squares
Blue Hawaiian Socks- Just a bit more done

Ice Queen- Finished, off the needle
BFF Socks- ¾ of SS done
SOTS III – Finished clue 3
Swedish Thora Sweater- Best of knitters- Arans and Celtics, to be cast on this week.


Exercise: (spinning, carding)
Finished Lemon/lime/grape
Commission spinning
Brown/Red/Gold Roving
Carded bats of wool

Shows first drop spinning that is plied and first wheel spun yarn, same roving.Spinning
Is there anywhere around here I can rent a wheel? I am on the search now.

His first hand spun, YAY!

Real Diet:
Coggie starts one; you can join along or just give encouragement. The MI100 needs to go!!!!

From XRX for more info

Monthly Adventures Pos/Pins swap, thank you Kariola on RavelryFrom KariolaUpclose of the turtle pin
She is a swap virgin; we may need to remedy that on the podcast


Here the ladies blabber about knitting, spinning, crocheting and life

What was left out of last weeks show. We hope we don’t have leftovers too often, but sometimes is ok.
Stitches again:
Getting Gauge
Meeting Debbie MacomberStar struct. KaRi Meets Debbie at Stitches
Gadget Corner:
DPN WIP Tubes Gadget Ep3
Please let us know if you know of a gadget we should talk about

On the menu: coming attractions
Shop Hop in Lansing this weekend: Sept 5-7 Passports sold out :(
Northern Michigan Lamb and wool festival: Sept 27-28 more info
LNYP at City Knitting: Oct. 10 more info

Back soon

Bams and Coggie are working on
the sound quality of the next episode.

Thank you for your patience.

In order to make it worth the wait, Coggie decided to show you her computer protector, King Tut. Isn't he adorable... now give him all your tuna fish please.