17 February, 2009

Post VDay Chatter

You can listen to the podcast here

Weigh in:
New Fleegle Socks
CPH, fronts done
Deborah: (Thank you for joining us this week)
Leafy Shawl by Phyllis Bradley
Deb's Leafy Shawl
Adding beads with wire
Deb's Leaf shawl

Fiber Exercise:
Coggie: Spun Jacob Jacob
Bams: Finished spinning Suffolk
Washed Alpaca and Jacob
Coggie: Spent KP Book order KP Order
Bams Lazy Kate: small laundry basket with knitting needles strung through
Valentines Day Swap: Thank you Atomic (Rosie), you are awesome!

Our exercise:
Bams: Was ill, still worked out
The Chief’s Birthday
Valentines Day – Mourning Bams favorite restaurant
Men who cook are awesome – Desserts for breakfast

SWAP talk:
YAY MotleyMatilda on the first teaser drawing
Talking about teasers

You’ve just been schooled: More info on Bams Blog
Pulled Dorset: not super soft, Long Draw
Finn: Silky, Combed

Look what I found: Instantmess, Garrett’s blanket

On the menu for this month:
LYNP: Feb 20th at City Knitting
Shady Side Farm: Feb. 28th Sheering day
Road Trip from Michigan to Georgia March 12 – 18th

Fiber Away Retreat:
Half full already
There is a beach and a fire pit. Large glassed in Porch…come knit with us.

Gadget Corner:
How to increase evenly across the row

09 February, 2009

Episode 20: MishMash, Family and More!

Listen to the podcast here

Weigh in:
Finished: I’ve got big ballsBalls
Still going: NYCO Sweater, Toe Up socks, Sgt. Scarf
Started: FLS

Finished: Blueberry waffle socks, Koolhaas Hat,

Yet another skully hat.
Intarsia in the round- Any suggestions?

Still going: CPH

Contest Winner: PegofTilling ***YAY***
Fiber Exercise:

Bams: spun half of Suffolk, washed alpaca
Washed a WHOLE Shetland sheep
Jackie’s method: in the washing machine

Coggie: Spun some corriedale

Our exercise:
Bams: Criss-cross cardio 4 x last week


Books on tape
Drunk, Divorced and covered in cat hair
Christopher Rice- A Density of Souls
The Lincoln Lawyer-
Elizabeth Peters
Report Cards: Yeah good kids!
M&M tube- perfect holder for your bag. Go here to find where you can buy them.
Road Trip- Help Coggie plan it please

Fiber Away- November 5-8th, 2009
Signs up are open
$175 for 3 night 4 day, includes food
Top bunk $150 (discounted)
Donations for door prizes are welcome and advertising space is available.
Contact Bams for more info.

You’ve just been schooled:
More info on Bams Blog

Debouillet: Merino x Rambouillet, Yummy!
Self made combed top with Afro Picks you need two combs and Transfer back and forth. Coggie Suggests Angel food combs

Horned Dorset: Long Draw spun. Short staple, rough yarn.
Swap: All matches have been made and shopping is happening!

Look what I found:
AnitaT- Selbuvotter Mittens YUM!
On the menu for this month:
City knitting in Grand Rapids: Spinning class on the 19th- LNYP on the 20th

Happy Birthday to the Chief!
Have fun Brewing.