23 May, 2012

Episode 154: Slacker

You can listen here
Weigh in:

Age of Brass and steam
Age of Brass and steam Trust me- El Paso

Spinning fates- Space cadet Vanilla sock


Color Affection- Change of plans

Portion control:

ITW May Colorway


Highland Handmades

Highland Handmades

Wolfe Farms

Knit Picks Bare Yarn- TY MIL

Gnome Acres- Franklin & Hulk Smash

Gnome Acres Franklin

Gnomeacres Hulk Smash

Fiber Exercise:

Vanilla Blush Merino
Vanilla Blush 335 yds
My exercise:

Good to go from the doctor

Weight loss!

Cooking School:

Before a fiber festival:


Memory bag

Yardage w/o a pattern

In the Kitchen:

Apricot-Balsamic Chicken

Pot Luck:

Patty's Shawl

not so green shawl


Cool Waves Bermuda

Taste Testing:

On Hold until I get home

A La Carte:

Hornshaw Woodworks


Interweave sale

Friends- Invitations & Thank you’s

Box out to Sarge and 40th Birthday cards.

On the Menu:

LittleBear’s Birthday

Fiber Train

Tour de Fleece


Stitches Midwest

Knittin’ in the Mitten

Gadget Corner:

Roku Box!

14 May, 2012

Episode 153: Discombobulation

You can listen here
Weigh in:

Started: Comfy Jeans- Color affection in denim.

Finished: Under the Rainbow

Still going: The Medallion Travel bag, Rams & Yowes, Raglan Sweater

Frogged: Retreats aren't everyday

Portion control:

Received ITW club- Serenity Plus 2 extras

Knitting in circles- Sal fiber from Gnome acres (picture is somewhere)

Wolfe Farms colorway from Desert Vista Dyeworks
Wolfe Farms- Desert DyeWorks

Plays well with colors fiber- Peach chutney
Peach Chutney- Plays well with Colors

CTAA- SAL loop batt in kaleidoscope eyes

Highland handmades: Eadha and Growth spurt
Eadha- Highland HandMades

Growth Spurt- Highland Handmades

Last trifecta fiber club in the last battle
Trifecta Club-

Bar Maids- For feet sake

Fiber Exercise:

Spinning merino in Vanilla blush- Not sure from where. – getting fingering weight


Wheel cleaning

How to spin- talking to Boo.

My exercise:

Joined WW again- I am down 5.8Lbs

Writing down everything that is going in my mouth.

Moving treadmill this next week to make it easier to use.

Lab work on Monday- Doctor’s visit next week

Cooking School:


In the Kitchen:

Chicken patties-

1 lb lean ground chicken

1 cup orange bell pepper

½ cup Vidalia onion

2 tsp black pepper

2 tsp low sodium lowery’s season salt

1 large egg

1 cup panko bread crumbs (or a bit less, just enough to firm up the patties.

Mix and form into patties on a wax paper sheet (wet hands help)

Spray pan with olive oil. Fry up patties until crisp on outside- cooked on inside.

Makes 6 patties- 3 pts each.

Pot Luck:

Franken socks

Shawl project

Towels and cloths

Wedding Shawls!


Saying goodbye was hard.

He is doing ok- training hard.

Thank you to KigeliaKitten, AuntSuze, AppleblossomSF, Kimberlolly and Madaboutmatisse!

Taste Testing:

Norwegian I spun last week

A La Carte:

Market bags!




Spinning wheel on the road- did not stop. Kicking myself now!

Bear moving house- hope this is the deployment fall out.

Boo taking summer classes

House cleaning! 1 month goal- 1st week met!

On the Menu:

Fiber Train- Next week!!

Team Sasquatch:

Tour de fleece:

Jasmine of the Knitmore girls has put up the training schedule.

Saturday June 30th through Sunday July 2nd. Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Days of rest: Tuesday July 10th and Tuesday July 17th. (Just like the actual tour)

Spin something challenging on the challenge day -usually the toughest high mountain stage:


Official Dates: 27 July-12 Aug 2012

Mass cast on coincides with start of Opening Ceremonies in London: 7:30pm (BST)

Stitches Midwest

Wedding Weekend

Knittin’ in the Mitten- 6 months!!!

Gadget Corner:

Knitting all the Day- Melanie Gall
Bryson Distrubiting
Eugene, OR

07 May, 2012

Episode 152: Farewell Sarge

Show notes- hm mm.
Not a normal show- here is what I remember. I will do better next week, please forgive me.

Weigh in
I made a yellow dishrag. It is a dish rag and is yellow I am sure you can picture it. I gave it to the housekeeping lady with her tip and did not get a photo. I know, I suck!

Fiber exercise
222 yds DragonFly Studio
222 yards Dragonfly studios

Potluck- from the group pages.

Blog post here

Met MadaboutMatisse
Purchases blog post here


Safe safe Sarge!!