21 September, 2011

Episode 129: Rambles

You can listen here
Weigh in:
Finished Costa Rica shawl or Eyjafiallajokull Shawl
Started Commuter mitts
Susie- sleeve has not been touched
Switcheroo socks- Heel flap
2 more hexipuffs.
Autumn shawl- Frogged
CJKopec Creations: Magic! Both sock yarn and fiber
Magic- yarn and roving
Fiber Exercise:
Finished Trust me
Trust me- 288 yards
and Boundaries
Boundaries- 162 yards
Spinning Stormy Weather
My exercise:
Yoga- lots of stretching!
Cooking School:
Cricket loom-
Getting started- Learning terms-
1st scarf- Cascade 220 7803 and Donegal tweed 874
2nd scarf- Ella Rae Classic- 23 and Chroma Mesa
Want to make Mug Rugs!
In the Kitchen:
Stuffed pears for breakfast or dessert
Pot Luck:
Op-Art blanket

Slippers of Misfortune
Pembroke vest
Drill Sarge:
Dream vacation?
Mischievous prank from your misspent youth?
Thank you to Lousie of Caithness Craft collective: Tea towels and handmade envelopes
Bethanyg Fairy circle

and Neighbors Sign
Date night- we suck!
Craft studio/Office
The desk fits
New Knitty is up!! Looking at Takoma and Callette
On the Menu:
Knittin’ in the Mitten- Last call for shirts- order will go in on Friday
Huge thank you to Margo for being my brain stabilizer! And to Turtle49 for the retreat sign!
Hornshaw woodworks
Heritage spinning & weaving
Schacht Spindle

Ilga Leja
The Woolery
Gadget Corner:
Hanging Mannequin- name her contest!

12 September, 2011

Episode 128: Happy Feet

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Hexi puffs- two more done
Costa Rica Shawl- only 10 rows to go
Switcheroo socks- turning the heel
Susie Hoodie- second cuff ½ done

Fiber Exercise:

Spinning Trust me

My exercise:

Cleaning, yoga and wiggles
Celtic meditation music

Cooking School:

Making sure your socks last

In the Kitchen:

Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving!

Pot Luck:

It's the Berries Vest
Love Ewe Socks
Tweed socks
BrittKnits Podcaster's Challenge KAL-Lina
Monter Mash - Mr. Abominable

Drill Sarge:

I take over this episode. I do not wear the green.



Labor Day weekend
Stress shutdown- meditation and sleep
Boo gets a new car

So excited about buying her first car!

Here she is with her new baby
Knitting/spinning/weaving/dyeing day

On the Menu:

Knittin’ in the Mitten- T-shirt count

Cotton clouds
Frogtree yarns
e-knitting needles
nancy’s knit knack
School house press

Shout outs:

CJKopec Creations
Knittin' on the Fly
- Purple hats

Gadget Corner:

Sponge paint brushes

03 September, 2011

Episode 127: Idiot in a missle silo

Weigh in:

Costa Rica shawl

Switcheroo socks

Cable KAL- Susie Hoodie
1st sleeve

Hexipuffs- The Beekeepers Quilt!


Fiber Exercise:

Trust me, boundaries, Stormy weather

My exercise:

Yoga stretches- downward dog!!


Cooking School:

Cable patterns

In the Kitchen:

Ricotta Pancakes

Cottage cheese Pancakes

Pot Luck:
(Need to get pattern links, sorry)

Drill Sergeant:


Tall Ships- Columbus foundation

Wine tasting- Bought 2 bottles
Blog link

Farmers Market:

Apple BBQ sauce, pineapple salsa

Pumpkin butter

Red Haven Peaches

Na’an Bread

On the Menu:

Knittin’ in the Mitten- 2 spots have opened up for overnighters.

Sponsers: Plays well with colors,
Coggie's Dream House
Coggie's Dream House by Plays Well with Colors

Knit Happy,
Knitting fever,
 Jordana Paige,
 Leisure Arts

Gadget Corner:

Tide to go- Reuse the bottle- fill it with the wool cleaner of your choice.