21 October, 2010

Episode 92: Recap

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Finished one School Sock
Working on Core spun shawl and Effortless cardigan

Fiber Exercise:

Spun up the rest of Egg dye, ready for plying
Started Boot cut Barbie on Ladybug
Not buying wee spin or pocket wheel: treadles too close together.

My exercise:

Swollen from trip, no exercise. Lots of feet up and rice bags

Cooking School:

Guanaco Fiber:

In the Kitchen:

Sweet Potato Rolls

Pot Luck:

Jchant's: Plummy Mitts
Knitterphreek's: Citron
DolyDimple's:Summer in Hyannis Cardigan
RJHuggz's: Ellen DeElephant

Field Report:

We have 150 hats—Thank you! Only 60 more to go!!

150 hats of thanks

Sarge is doing well, getting ready to make homemade cookies for him
Antenna and Cable shipped off


Meet ups
What I bought at Rhinebeck!

Mittens, Sheep, Shawl
Gifts for the kids
Messenger bag & pins
Sheep balls
Plus wine and maple cotton candy

Trip Home- My Brother

Marc & I

Got my Rocks
Penny squisher
Berroco box came today

On the Menu:

Stitches East

Wool @ into the Woods Retreat!!
Still in the planning!!

Gadget Corner:

K-Tel Knitter

19 October, 2010

Episode 91: Road Trip to Rhinebeck

Listen here

Spinning in the car (Problems seeing video? Link)

Rest stops



Pretty scenery








Chris, Lorrie & I

Lorrie w/ McCloud and bunny

Lorrie & her bunny

Ravelry party:

Rav party goodies
Lenny Incognito @ Rav Party
Chris & Lorie @ Rav Party

Serpentine Afghan

Sheep Balls:
Sheep balls

Socks are cotton not Alpaca.

Quiet time
Fall colors




Shawl back

Shawl Front

Backpack: necessary for going to events.

13 October, 2010

No podcast this week

This week. I am headed to Rhinebeck for the NY Sheep & Wool Festival.

I will be taking lots of photos to share and I will be taking video. If I can figure out how I will upload to Youtube.
I will also be tweeting as I can, so follow me on Twitter--CoggieTM there too.
I will have a cast up as soon as I can after I get back!

Oh- I am a Square in the Rhinebeck Bingo game.

If you see me there, come say hello!!

Grip-n-grin is planned for Sunday at noon...join us !!

10 October, 2010

Episode 90: Trix are for Kids

You can listen here

Weigh in:
Sweater: WWSIP day sweater frogged

Started Effortless cardigan in Mode dea silk and wool in Pink.

Socks: for college

Fiber Exercise:


My exercise:

Walking and Wiggling

Cooking School:

The magic of turning the heel

In the Kitchen:

Apple Monkey Muffins
Apple Praline Monkey Bread

Changes: Used honey crisp apples. Seperated into 12 muffin pans, cut biscuits into quarters instead of halves. Cooked for 15 minutes (or until browned and done.)

Pot Luck:

Lyndystitches: Iced
Puffygriffinclaw: OWL Divination Part 1
RPHsews2: Montana Moon over Squib Hill
Fiddleknitsdesign: Lady Grey
Fritter51: Hopi Indian Afghan

Field Report:

Keeping Soldier Warm: 125 hats!!
Internet interuptis
Latest box sits


Stress: Couch days
College: A bit of a rant
Home Cooking

On the Menu:

Grip n Grin: Knit Naturally, Knaked Knits, Crafternoon tea with Grannyg, Let’s Knit2gether, Knit Knit CafĂ©,
Lima Pop Shoppe “your marker stoppe for swarovski crystal stitch markers” http://limapopshoppe.artfire.com/ Free Shipping 10-16 to 12/18/10 enter code NYS2010
Hanks Yarn & Fiber (they sent lovely soaps, yummy smelling goats milk soap) Wolfe Farms soaps
Dancing Tassle, Kigeliakitten’s Etsy store for Wool Samples her podcast is: Yarns from the Garden

Gadget Corner:

Magnetic clip

03 October, 2010

Episode 89: I am who I am

you can listen here

Weigh in:

Finished Iced
Started: sweater inspired by WWSIP day
Socks for college take along project
Still Going: Hats

Fiber Exercise:

Finished spinning ½ of Bamboo/Merino
Gained the alpaca, and Marr Haven yarn

My exercise:

10 minute a day 4x this week

Cooking School:

Inserting a zipper
Crochet together
pin zipper down and sew in
lay zipper on
Finished zipper

In the Kitchen:

Baked Acorn Squash

Pot Luck:

Phoenixfire: tilting TARDIS
tanteUll: Jaywalker
tmkr: Starry Alpaca Celaeno
Skburger: Jana Banana Spandexpants Sock Monkey

Field Report:

Keeping soldiers warm update: 102 hats.
Snow is in the mountains now : Ordered Hand warmer bags- Froogle.com


Need: to find an ornament, Start 2 baby blankets.
Spirit of America Pictures on Blog
Art Prize/Art Walk

On the Menu:

Rhinebeck!! Spreadsheet (no, I didn't make it)

Knit Wits Podcast

Gadget Corner:

Wickedpyssa: Getting Organized