25 July, 2010

Episode 80: Go Fetch

You can Listen here

Weigh in:
Citron Shawlette
Baby blanket

Fiber Exercise:

Tour de Fleece

My exercise:

Back to the Y

Cooking School:

Core spinning YouTube JazzTurtle- 5 part series on core spinning. I am not looking to do art yarn, but this is a good series to watch for the just of it.

SABLE spinning meet up

In the Kitchen:

Veggie pasta salad

Pot Luck:

Tmkr: Allison's veil
Jj2edwards: Valentine Shawl (Shawl #3)
Mollysmum: Mushroom Mitts


Pay it forward
Fiber weight gain
Meet Roo
Spinning with the hookers
Weather freak out- Intellicast.com
FRG picnic

Field Report:

Sarge is doing well

On the Menu:

Michigan Fiber Fest
Stitches Midwest

Gadget Corner:

Toothbrush for spinning

17 July, 2010

Episode 79: Indecisive

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Socks, Citron

Fiber Exercise:


My exercise:

Knee report, back to the Y

Cooking School:

When to give it up?

In the Kitchen:

Tomato & mozz salad.

Tomatoes Chopped

Mozzarella cheese cubed

Basil leaves, sliced

Balsalmic vinegar

Olive oil

Fresh ground pepper

Stir, chill, serve.

Pot Luck:

Missknotty: Hemlock Ring Blanket

Stebo79: Gwendolyn
Catsaysknit: Krista

Field Report:

This is where I jabber about the Sarge.
Love/Life Via the Internet

Wonderful classmate


As the world turns- or how my life is a soap

Marr Haven's Garden

Talk soup:


1. What are 3 of your knitting no-nos for yourself and might make you cringe when you hear of another knitter doing these?
2. When do you mark a project as finished on your Ravelry page? After it’s off the needles or ready to wear?

On the Menu:

Detroit: Meet up July 30th

Michigan Fiber Fest: Podcast meet up Saturday 2pm
Rhinebeck: October
California: Jan-Feb

Gadget Corner:

Coil Knitting Needle holders from Clover

10 July, 2010

Episode 78: Happy Hooker

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Rose retreat socks, Citron,
Bath mat.

Bath Mat

Fiber Exercise:

Tour de Fleece.

Corriedale/CVM 148 yds

Corriedale & Cvm Plied 146 yds

Corriedale 156 yds


Now spinning some Texel
Spinning wheel search: Correction: Schacht Spinning wheels are made in Colorado.

My exercise:

Y work outs M/W/F morning, TH evenings
Gimpy alert
I was yelled at by the Weight Watchers Website!!!

Cooking School:

On Recess Sorry

In the Kitchen:

Shout out to Mollysmum, here is the recipe:


Lemon Garlic chicken

Chicken rice with Lemon grass
2 ¼ cup chicken broth
1 cup long grain rice
6 blades lemon grass chopped

Use rice steamer or Put in pot with good sealed cover
Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook on med for 20-25 minutes or until rice is tender.

Pot Luck:

Teacozy: Liesl
TripletsRus: Tree of life
Douknit2: Summer flutters by
Knitsaholic: Anney


Boo Update
What empty nest?
Melting hooks Off Clip on Bug fan
Fourth of July-


Independence Day 2010 (45)

Back in School
Summer reading
Thank you:

Swap the Seasons

Bag and Stitch markers

Bag and button

Tee back

On the Menu:

Detroit – July 29-31
Maker Fair in Dearborn July 31
Michigan Fiber Festival- August 17-22
Spin in Public day: The Bookman here in Grand Haven: Sept 18th
Rhinebeck- Oct 16-17
SAFF-Oct 23-24
Plans for California Jan or Feb
Sock Summit July 28-31 Portland Oregon????

Gadget Corner:

Lo-Lo Bar

03 July, 2010

Episode 77: We were Busy

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Rose retreat socks and Commuter Knapsack

Fiber exercise:



Lots of swimming

Cooking school:

Travel knitting

In the kitchen:

Tortilla Soup
I looked in my book and found that my recipe for tortilla soup came off the net.
You can find it here

Pot luck:

Mollysmum: Clapotis
Knitaholic: Boobie Koozie
Agoodyarn: Trellis and Flowers Stole


Our time together.
Pictures can be found here

On the menu:

Detroit- July 29-31
Michigan Fiber Fest: August
Rhinebeck: October

Gadget corner:

Burt's Bees Lemon butter cuticle cream.