21 July, 2009

Episode 36: The Odd Couple Returns

Sorry everyone, you can tell Coggie has a slight summer cold in this one.

Weigh in:

Finished: Crochet cardigan
Closed look
Still going: Mara shawl named Myra, Mystery Bag along
Finished: Harris Tweed Socks (Bitch Tweed)
Started: Oak Leaf Socks
Still going: Faux Russian Stole &
Fiber Exercise:
Tour Spinning, Prepping Jacob Fleece
Finished spinning Cherry Chip
Cherry Chip
Started spinning: Vee’s room
Vee's Room Yarn
Abby’s yarns!: Go ahead be a Beginner
Our exercise:
Bams: Keeping steady & maintaining her goal
Coggie: Down two pounds
Coggie: shopping spree
Bams: Second ever sweater it’s adorable!
Weaving in and finishing
Gerald R Ford Museum
Block House
Sock Innovations by Cookie A.
Retreat Stuff
On the menu for this month:
Coast Guard Festival
Michigan Fiber Festival – We are the odd couple here.
Stitch-n-Pitch- August 2 Sign up by July 22 at City Knitting
Gadget Corner:
Lavender Bags for your wool and fiber Lavender for my wool fiber

14 July, 2009

Episode 35: Coggies Return to Spinning

Weigh in:

Finished: Jack Sparrow Favorite socks
Still going: Vivian, Faux Russian Stole, Harris Tweed socks

Still going: Myra
Started: Ribbon Yarn Jacket from plus size crochet, Mystery Bag along

Fiber Exercise:

Almost done spinning BFL- Cherry Chip
Product from LladyLlama

Finished lace weight from Yarn Hollow
Tour de Fleece:
Red heather –Sweaters worth?
Product from Zarzuela’s Etsy

Our exercise:

Coggie: Walking a lot, down a total of 7 pounds now
Bams: Power 90

You just got schooled:
On hold until Tour de fleece is done.

Look what I found:
My First Sweater by DolyDimple pattern Loppem by Norah Gaughan
Beachy Make Up Bag by Savetheplanknit pattern Sundance Make Up Bag by Joƫlle Meier

Twitter win from Hudson Valley Fiber Farm
Selling knitting machines
Army of Women

On the menu for this month:
Fiber Arts Festival Castle Farms in Charlevoix MI- July 25-26
Coggie meant Carthage college, WI
Lots of stitch-n-pitches all over

Gadget Corner:
Entrelac markers: Lizardtoes or Knitting2relax gave me Meowingdogs