29 May, 2009

Episode 31: Welcome Back, Coggie!

Listen Here:

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Weigh in:

Finished: Skull sweater
Started: BFL Sweater, Viking socks, Faux Russian Stole Site for inspiration (favorite lace seller on EBay)
Still Going: CPH- Zipper horrors YKK Zipper Site
Ripping: Green alpaca lace scarf


Started: Baby blanket, Artesanal A-line Tunic, Anklet socks (Needles)
Ripped: Karieu

Fiber Exercise:

Coggie: Not much spinning. Texel info
Beth’s nails

Spinning: Finished BFL for sweater.
Washed- Cormo and Lincoln-Merino Cross.
Dyeing: Blueberry Yogurt yarn and Venom green yarn

Our exercise:

Charter Exercises- the switch up works- work out every day
Latin grooves and kick boxing
Coggie: Recovering
Working our butts off! (New Segment)
NotsoNormal: Thank you for the kick Coggie needed.
Thank you everyone for joining in. Daily Plate

You just got schooled:

Polworth: Drum carded thin batt. Long draw. Soft and springy
Polypay: Drum carded, worsted, Navajo ply. Soft and fluffy

Look what I found:

Cherylinmtl: Queen Anne’s lace Scarf
Teacosy: Phildar pull Pattern Pull #009-T8-258


Fly Lady – new email system
Loc-a-long – Garterloc washcloth knit along

Contest: Awesome pictures!
And the winner is:
EAnnRN YAY!!!!!
You get your choice of Fiber or Yarn

Grad Crap
52/52 – Smut talk
Book banning- Yellow raft in Blue Water by Michael Dorris – (Coggie gave the wrong author - Sorry)

On the menu for this month:

Bella Vita Farm & Fiber: Change in plans, interview will be a bit later due to illness.

WWKIP Day- June 13th

Gadget Corner:

Plastic Lid Tags - Recycling the gadget in all awesomness!

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09 May, 2009

Episode 30: Where a Great many Things Need Pulling out of a Great Many A&%es

Weigh in

Finished: Noro Shawl
and Pocketbook slippers
Pocketbook slippers
Still going: socks- Different heels
Alpaca in Space bags- It works to clean up your fiber area
Starting: Karieu shawl- love feather weight shawl

Still going: Socks, Putting zipper in CPH
Starting: Skull Sweater- Body finished, Arms going Intarsia in the round

Fiber Exercise:

Coggie: none this week
Bams: Birthday Combs came in, Combed Perindale & CVM, Still spinning BFL
Dollar and a half cardigan

Our exercise:

Coggie: Walk away is working- 6# yay
Bams: Walking 2-3 miles each day plus added 15 mins squats and abs.

You just got schooled: On hold this week

Patternwhisperer THANK YOU for the wool fiber! She mailed Lincoln- Merino cross and Texel

Look what I found:

Doily bag (profusion)- bag adapted from a doily pattern
Desperation Socks (Pattyb) – simple socks by Sally Melville


Zen knitting and design mode
Update on Coggie’s surgery
FlyLady- Baby steps
Proud Mom’s Kids school update- YAY Ry and Boo

On the menu for this month:

WWKIP day: June 13th everywhere
Sheering day at Sunny Side Alpaca Farm June 15th
Festivals- classes

Gadget Corner:
All Spectrum light bulbs: Coggie uses Reveal75 from GE Make sure you have a white lampshade

02 May, 2009

Episode 29: Finishing, Frogging and Memory Lane

Weigh in:

Finished: Socks
Still going: CPH, Lace scarf
Planning: Sweater for Ry. EZ seamless hybrid
Started: New socks in Regia Silk

Frogged: Chevron Cardigan
Still working on: Noro Shawl, Socks (finished 1)

Started: Readers wrap

Fiber Exercise:

Coggie: Spun one bobbin of merino dyed with Easter egg dye

Spinning Spring skys

Bams: Finishing up carding the BFL & spinning
Blending 1oz white alpaca with 3 oz red shetland

Our exercise:

Bams: Walking and Nordictrak

Coggie: Walk away the pounds

You just got schooled: More info on Ravelry Forum Pages

Navajo Churro- No crimp, coarse & sturdy – long draw Saddle blankets
Perindale- Flicked and spun 3 ply, Very soft next to skin sweater

Look what I found:

Siljadevine made Topstykke Tunic/dress
Bethanyg and Pegoftilling have made pocketbook slippers


FlyLady and CHAOS
Happy 11th Birthday Ry.
Retreat is full- Waiting list is active. Cancel date is August 1st
Prom talk again
Entraloc along: Anyone interested? Garterlac washcloth
Surgery date is May 12th
More childhood stories
Shooting Tournament
More childhood stories (sorry all guess it was memory lane time for Coggie)

Note: I apologize if I offended anyone by calling Native Americans -Indians. My mother was Comanche and that is how she referred to her people and how she told the story. Again, I am sorry if I offended anyone. --Coggie

Boonville and Boontling (or Boontlin' like I remember it, Link has some of the language)

On the menu for this month:

Yuvee has her show with the chairs this weekend Link
Michigan Alpaca breeds show in Davisburg, MI- May 2nd
Philosophers wool trip through ThreadBear
Maryland Sheep and Wool- May 2nd& 3rd

Gadget Corner:

Digital Scale- Great for weighing fiber, splitting yarn for socks or mittens, and mailing swaps out.