19 December, 2012

Episode 174: Happy Holidays!

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Weigh in: Still going:

Calligraphy- Northampton sport

Swirl- Malabrigo worsted

Gramps-Patons Classic merino

Clog Slippers


Elf- Encore heather and Patons classic

Decided to finish:


Steel Topper


Little star

Harvest Thistle

Big serving of crow

Old bones

Easy Peasy

All the shades of truth

Fiber Exercise:


Teaching my MIL to spin

Portion Control:

Turtlrpurl Yarns- Cuppa


Jimmy Beans - Christmas at Downton

Cooking School:

Planning for the New Year

NYCO-Going with the flow

A La Carte:

Autumn Leaves Shawl

In the Kitchen:

Rum cake-

Pot Luck:

Spinning Buddy Prairie Boots

Oh Deer All You Caught Was a Cold!

owl ornament

Stranded mitts

Field Report:

Another hard week


Prayer request for my BIL

Question 2 winner & Question 3

On the Menu:

KitM 2013: Full. Wait list has been started. 1st pmt is due by the 31st please.

Gadget Corner:

The knitters Tool Tin

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02 December, 2012

Episode Smile

Weigh in:

(all in my projects on Ravelry)

Tree topper of hope


Calligraphy cardigan

All the Shades of my truth

Portion control:

Moo bag- Spartickes Dyes

Chaiogoo Interchangeable set

Trifecta of Awesome Club

Fiber Exercise:

Greenwood Fiber- Tribe for sweater

Spinning day with a new friend- Tried out the Mini spinner

Cooking School:

Be prepared

A La Carte:

Susan Claudino Designs>Snowball Buddies

In the Kitchen:

Gingerbread Cookies

Field Report:

Christmas came early!

TY- RJ & mom, Javanut and Knitnut67


Thank you for all the kind words in cheering me on with my life changes.

Tip to my Karbonz DPN popped off.

New cat toy- A win! Having to fix the wall where the cats scratched- a loss.

Furniture shopping- Not finding what I want

Christmas almost threw up in our house.

Question 1 winner- Pm me your shipping info!

Question 2-

On the Menu:

Knit topia

Guts Grit and Pink lipstick

Knittin’ in the mitten 2013- Sign ups opened the 1st at midnight. We have less than 10 spots left.

Gadget Corner:

My camera-

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25 November, 2012

Episode 172: Talking Turkey

Show notes are located at www.thehighfiberdiet.blogspot.com

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Weigh in:

Community blanket

Wham bam thank you Lamb

Remote control caddy

Crocodile Boots

All the colors of truth

Calligraphy cardigan

Portion control:


Bags- SpartickesDyes

Fiber Exercise:

Bumps from Uniquely yours- Polwarth

Greenwood Fiber- Tribe for Swirl Sweater

A La Carte:

Cable Comfort Throw

Deena Thomson-Menard

In the Kitchen:

7 up biscuits

Pot Luck:

 MIL Beret

Toe Up Socks

Yarn Underground September KAL

Meridian Mitts

Field Report:

Santa Sack Boxes shipped off


Doctor’s visit-Diagnosis leads to more testing

DIL learns to knit and wants to learn to spin

Holiday stuff

Question: How do you use your favorite button?

On the Menu:

Knit-Topia- April

Guts Grit and Pink Lipstick Retreat-May


Gadget Corner:

Bobbin winder

Pulling singles onto weaving bobbins


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20 November, 2012

Special: Retreats are all about the people- KitM 2012- Unedited

No show notes on this episode. The pictures are linked on the Ravelry board.

Thank you everyone for recording with me at the retreat and for such a wonderful weekend.

See you again next year!!


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14 November, 2012

Episode 171: KitM KISS Recap

Show notes are located at www.thehighfiberdiet.blogspot.com
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Flickr set
Other photos from attendees
Pictures of purchases and gifts coming soon.
Thank you for listening and thanks to all who attended!!

30 October, 2012

Episode 170: With a Special Guest

Weigh in:

Finished: Felted Clogs

Still going: Calligraphy, Socks, Thistle, Felted clogs

Portion control: ITW Fiber, Trifecta Fiber, Thirty-one, Loop batt, Webs order

Fiber Exercise: ITW fiber

Cooking School:

Superwash wool

A La Carte: Jurisfiction

In the Kitchen: Chicken fried steak

Pot Luck: Beer Gloves

30 Min. Acorn

Little bit tropical

Tony the Pumpkin Monster

Baby F Blankie

Field Report:

Special guest- sorry it is fuzzy



House cleaning



Question #6 winner: Stainedglassmiss!

Question #7

On the Menu:


Food shopping

Help list



The Silver Pumpkin

Unicorn Fibre

Uniquely Yours!


Winding wool Creek

Yarn Barn

Yarn Hollow

Knitting Blooms


Gadget Corner:

Pilling and why? Sweater shavers

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17 October, 2012

Episode 169: Short and sweet

Show notes with pictures are located at www.thehighfiberdiet.blogspot.com

Special thoughts for Strap Hanging- Prayers and healing wishes.

Weigh in:

Calligraphy sweater

Rams and Yowes

STV sock


Hot pads

Felted slippers

Portion control:

T-Shirt from STV

Fiber Exercise:

Dog fur is done! 120 yards

ITW Aurora borealis

Cooking School:

Raglan sleeves

(I said row stitches backwards in my description)

A La Carte:

Woodburn Cardigan

In the Kitchen:

Granola stuffed Apples

Pot Luck:


Dustland Mitts



Field Report:


Commemorative Toy

Combat Knitter (Knitter 911)


Curtains! Bedroom- Living room

Photos from the wedding


On the Menu:


Question #5 Winner 3trees!!

Question #6


Shady Side Farms

Simply Sock Yarn

Slipped Stitch Studios


Spun Sheepy

Stitched by JessaLu

Sundara yarn

Sunflower designs

Tangerine Designs

The Giving Flower

Gadget Corner:

Needle review

Thank you for listening!!

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09 October, 2012

Episode 168: Chunky Dunk

Weigh in:

Finished: Phannie

Still going: Easy Peazy, Calligraphy

Started: Sock the vote, Thistle

Portion control:

Gnome acres- Skinny dipper

Gayle- Project bag

Fiber Exercise:

Still dog fur- off the wheel this week!

Cooking School:

Freezer paper patterns

Cinching up a neckline

A La Carte:

Camden Cap

Brimmed cap

Newsboy Hat Hannah

In the Kitchen:

Baked Chicken

mix Sour Cream or Yogurt (1/2 c) and parm cheese (1/4 c). Spread over chicken breast in a baking dish, sprinkle italian bread crumbs on top and bake for 20-30 minutes at 375. SO moist and tasty!

Pot Luck:

Puff Daddy

Ellie's First Sweater

Dinosaur Hat for Matthew

Shawl for Alice



Field Report:

Sarge-winter clothes

Knitter911-Boxes received!


Day visit-

Morning star cafe

JJ Ranch

Online Magazine- Simplify

“You can’t organize clutter!”

This is our 5th year of publication and in that 5 years we have raised over $5000 for Breast Cancer.

The calendar contains 14 never-before-published knitting patterns.

You can download one of the patterns for FREE at www.fitterknitter.com to judge for yourself the quality of the calendar.

All proceeds of the sale of these calendars (except of PayPal fees) go to www.ArmyOfWomen.org whose goals are

·         To recruit one million healthy women of every age and ethnicity, including breast cancer survivors and women at high-risk for the disease.

·         To partner with breast cancer researchers and directly participate in the research that will eradicate breast cancer once and for all.

·         To challenge the scientific community to expand its current focus to include breast cancer prevention research conducted on healthy women.

·         We’ve come a long way in finding a cure for breast cancer. Now let's find the cause.

Gadget Corner:

Uncluttering my electronics

On the Menu

Knittin’ in the Mitten:

Retreat Etiquette- as asked by attendees


Mountain colors

Msoutherden Art Glass


Nicky Epstien


Pixie Knits Designs

Plays well with colors

Rainlover knits

River's Edge Fiber

Scentsy- Annette

School House Press

Question #4- Winner Rista1313

Question #5

Please check your checkbook before starting The High Fiber Diet

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