19 April, 2016

Episode 239: Now

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Episode 239

Weigh in:


Scrappy hat

Salena sweater

Currently working 

No purl monkey socks- beautiful mess

Garisole- swans island

Socks- turn the page in sport


$5 in Paris

Exercise: SPINNING!

3 feet of sheep by Frabjous fibers

At the Table: 

2 tops done

2 tops cut

Grocery shopping:

Fiber addiction yarn

iPad case


Meal planning to meal prepping

Part 2 - after grocery shopping


On the Ravelry group 

Side dish:


Spring/summer clothes

A/C broken

New gym room

LNYP at Michigan fibre studios

Shop News 

The high fiber diet etsy shop

On the menu

Spring green Kal- starts March 21st

Knittin'in the Mitten 2016- spots available! 

Gadget corner- 

Blue tooth headphones