26 August, 2010

Episode 84: Rubber Gloves

You can listen here

Coggie, Debra, rphsews2,Lorrie

Weigh In:
Coggie: Socks, Iced, SSS

Lorrie: Swirl shawl, Summit Shawl

Debra: Tappan Zee, Creature Comfort

rphsews2: Medalion Top, Allegan Sweater

Fiber Exercise:

Coggie: Core spinning
Lady Bug

and Merino
Cherry Vanilla

Spinning Trust me (not forget me knot..I miss spoke)

Lorrie: PolyPay wool from Shady Side Farms
Earned 3 ribbons

Debra: Woolmill.com Sock Monkey

rphsews2: Woolmill.com Desert Sunset

My Exercise: On Recess

Cooking School:

Using a close pin to hold your draft when walking away.
Velcro dots also work

Pot Luck: On Recess

In the Kitchen:
Xpress Ready set go

Pita pizza

Use pita for the crust
Top with what you like
oven for 8 minutes

Very crunchy crust.

Field Report

We blather about the Fiber Festival

BethanyG came to visit
Thank you Goosie and Peanut

Podcast meet up-- Thank you to Homespun Journey and Spin Doctor!!

Meet up
Meet up
Meet up



Keeping Soldiers Warm
Windswept Farms- BBQ , Salad dressing (Garlic Expressions)

Canning at the Fest

What we bought:

rphsews2: Humihomo circle and made a necklace
rphSew2 necklace
, Fleece

Debra: Briar Rose, Jelly eye needle, Lucet

Lorrie: Triangle loom, Needle jewlery
Note: No bunny naming contest. Please see Ravelry August 27 to see why.
Coggie: easier just to give my blog link. Plus a fleece. I sent it to Wooly Knob Mill to be processed, plus a triangle loom.

More talk about Windswept Farms
WindSwept Farm

California wool festival


Triple Gadget Corner

Lap block pad

3"X6"X20" green foam. Cover with material to keep fleece from stitcking.

Bobbin Case
Bobbin bags

Plasic Bread ties. Use for marking skein yardage Hornshaw Wood Works Swift
and for twisting up your starting tail to keep out of the way.

Splash Vest

14 August, 2010

Episode 83: Touching Wood

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Frogged Baby blanket- bought one instead
Started: Iced in Marr Haven Wool, Super Secret Squirrel
Working on 2nd hat
Finished Rose Retreat Socks- enough wool left for baby socks

Fiber Exercise:

Finished core spinning, Now back to merino

My exercise:

Cancelled Weight Watchers

Cooking School:

Mattress Stitch

In the Kitchen:

Quick stew pie
Stew of your choice
Top with mashed potatoes, cheese & onion
Bake at 350 until golden and bubbly

Pot Luck:

Knitstersusan: Myrtle Cardigan
Piontygirl: Estonian Shawlette w beads
Stebo79: one and a half rounds
Douknit2: Bear Down Baby Bear!

Field Report:

Reading to Sarge

Recipes:span style="font-size:180%;">
My college
Boo to Vegas then to college
House cleaning

On the Menu:

Michigan Fiber Fest
2pm Meet n greet in the Gazebo area.
Other podcasters:
Sasha from The Spin Doctor podcast and Sherry from Homespun Journey
Stitches Mid West

Gadget Corner:

Susan Bates Velocity needles

10 August, 2010

Make a Hat or Two

As you know, the Sarge is deployed. His unit is stationed in an area that will get very cold in the winter months.

I am asking for help to knit or crochet up 210 hats for the unit to use while sleeping, to stay warm.

Operation Keeping Soldiers Warm


Washable fiber- not 100% acrylic (superwash and blends)

Desert colors: Brown, Tan, Olive, Sage, Khaki.

Size 7 circ/dpn needles or a g hook.

WWII Watch cap or Watch cap Crochet (these are Ravelry links)

The hats need to be to me by mid-November.

More info can be found at Keeping Soldiers Warm or contact me on Ravelry.

Drawings will be done for thank you gifts when all hats are in.

Please watch this

Thank you so much for your help and your support.

06 August, 2010

Episode 82: Let the Games Begin

You can listen here

Weigh In:


Fiber Exercise:

Trip to the ER

My Exercise:


Cooking School:

Solar dying

Pot Luck:

KnittaSista: Jeanie
Dnaprice: Flamingo Pie Baby Cardigan
Lansstama: Date on the Porch
GrandmaJean: First Finished Cardigan

In the Kitchen:

Blueberry Cobbler
I add a splash of almond extract


Apology: I do support all who wear uniforms

Christmas in ...yeah August
College shopping
Empty nest

Field Report:

Another box
Games- toys
FRG's- not just for the families
Batteries Plus

Gadget Corner:

Quart size canning jars
Plastic tongs

02 August, 2010

Episode 81: We are Tourists

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Coggie: Socks, star baby blanket

Lorrie: Swirl shawl

Fiber Exercise:

Lorrie: BFL

Coggie: Corriedale blend, Merino

Cooking School:

Coggie: Core Spinning

Lorrie: Plying

In The Kitchen:

Teriyaki Chicken Sammies

Chicken breasts (boneless skinless)

Season salt

Wheat buns

Teriyaki sauce


Green chilies

Red onion slices

tomoto slices


Grill up the chicken with a bit of season salt on it

Place on bun, top with remaining ingredients.

serve with:

Parm Fries

Potatoes ( peeled and cut into fries)

olive oil

Parmesan cheese

Garlic powder

Salt water

Cut potatoes, place in salt water for a few minutes. Drain and dry.

shake in oil, sprinkle with cheese and powder, Bake at 400 for 25 minutes,or until brown and cooked through, turning once.

Pot Luck:

jj2edwards: Daffodil socks

bobbilicious: Charming Cardi

Annmaries: Baby Belle

My Exercise:

Holding my own



Bear's 21st


Fiddleknits info


Keeping Soldiers Warm

Need 210 hats by Mid-November

Washable fiber- not 100% acrylic

WWII Watch cap or Crochet Watch Cap

Watch cap Crochet

Drawings will be done for thank you gifts when all hats are in.

On the menu:

Michigan Fiber Festival: August 17-22...camping. We will see how I do roughing it :)

Rhinebeck: New York Sheep and Wool Festival: October 16 & 17

California: Mid January- no set plans yet

Gadget Corner:

Spinning wheel bag