20 February, 2016

Episode 236: I Like Hippos!

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Episode 236

Weigh in:

Currently working 

Authenticity- briar rose Orange red

Yarnimal cat scarf

Socks from Craftsy class- CloudBorn in Coffee with cream


Boot socks- Matthew -natural heather

Rustic wrap- Cascade rustic navy blue

Big old coat- mad tosh dk in Tart

Log cabin baby blanket- bernat blanket- Browns 

1898 Hat- 25000 toques- Branson in brown

Exercise: SPINNING!

Winding wool creek- teal and purple

At the Table: 


Grocery shopping:

Silver shed USA- bags. 


3 books! 


On the Ravelry group

Side dish:

Old medications 

New fitbits

Made it to 1/2 way- bump up in calories allowed

30 day apps

Cat tree

Recumbent bike

New toy

Shop News 

The high fiber diet etsy shop

On the menu

Winter blues kal- March 21st

Winter warmth swap- Mail by March 10th

Knit/spin day March 26th

Knittin'in the Mitten 2016- spots available! 

Gadget corner- 

Storage containers

Square collapsible