26 June, 2012

Episode 157: Tea Cups

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Vineyard socks

Old Bones

Raglan sweater

Rams & Yowes


Love bird shawls

Fiber Exercise:

Into the whirled- Corresponding color brown- Spun 4 oz working on 4 oz
Yarn Hollow- Spun 8 oz

My exercise:

Walking- Ankle screwed up.

In the Kitchen:

Weight Watchers Nutella Banana Bread

Potluck: On Recess

A La Carte: On Recess

Field Report:

Some skyping/phone calls



Adjusting to changes

Support-Ask for help

Cooking School:

Review of the book: Knit Red

On the Menu:

My birthday

Stitches Midwest


Knittin’ in the Mitten

Gadget Corner:


Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display

19 June, 2012

Special: Knit Red

You can listen here

This is a special episode of the podcast. I am joined by Laura Zander who wrote the Knit Red, (Stitching for women's heart health) book. She is also the owner of Jimmy Beans Wool, with her husband and the creative mind behind the Stitch Red campaign.
Here are links to some of the websites mentioned in this show:
Weight Watchers
Barnes & Noble
Wineglass for knitters
Micheal David Wineries- 7 Deadly Zens

We kick off the Tell 3 People Challenge. Please post your challenge on the Ravelry group under this thread.

Also: Jimmy Beans Wool has a June special for Stitch Red

Thank you all for listening!

Episode 156: Twisted and Spun

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Rams & yowes- More fiber from Shady side farms

Raglan sweater- I won more fiber from ITW

Socks- 1 done

Portion control:

Knit Picks

Play at life

Fiber Exercise:

Fixed my wheel w/ butchers twine- New Drive bands & Travel bobbins

Kaleidoscope eyes Loop batt- 735 yds 5 oz

Greenwood Fiber- Tribe 16 oz 685 yds

Yarn Hollow- Turquoise & Gray 8oz

My exercise:
Stretching, walking, and wiggling.

Cooking School:

Vineyard socks-


How I self striped

In the Kitchen:

Blueberry scones

Pot Luck:

May socks

Lizard Ridge Dishcloth Gracina Approved

Buncha Blue Squares Blanket

Topher's Weasley Blanket

A La Carte:

All the Shades of Truth

Taste Testing:

Rambouillet – 75 yds

Targhee- 30 yds

Field Report:

Other side of the pond


Fiber day at Yarn Hollow


Taught MIL to Spin


Looking at sewing machines- Singer or Janome

Soak- HEEL and Bar-Maids O’for Feet Sake

On the Menu:

Tour de Fleece


Stitches Midwest

Knittin’ in the Mitten

KAL- Henslowe or another shawl of your choosing

Final pmt due by July 1st

Gadget Corner:

Yarma $0.99

04 June, 2012

Episode 155: Lighbulbs!

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Space cadet socks- Spinning Fates

Rams & Yowes- My hand dyed

Pretty thing- Quiviet

Travel Knitting- Frogged- Thinking of over dyeing the yarn

TGV- Started and finished- Velocity needles- Susan Bates
Amy morning

Fiber Exercise:

Kaleidoscope eyes- loop batt

My exercise:

Lost weight

Peanut butter vs., Nutella

In the Kitchen:

Hamburger Pie

ToadyJoe's Recipe

Sarge’s corner:

Still collecting birthday cards

Says hello to all of you

A La Carte:

Sock Report- New online magazine!


New glasses

Fiber Train/ weekend with ToadyJoe


Yarn bombing

Picking up Lucy

Dinner out- the Curb!

Phoenix from the ashes class- brought the wrong homework bag!!

Hot socks Tips!

A memorable yarn w/ Brenda

Travel home

Grand Baby time
On the Menu:

Bachelor party

Stitches Midwest


Knittin’ in the Mitten

Gadget Corner:

Hansen Mini Spinner