19 December, 2008

Episode 15: Edumacational

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Old Shale Smoke RingOld Shale Smoke Ring
Blue Hawaiian's Done!Blue Hawaiian socks
Need to make the SGT a scarf
SGT's Scarf
and slippers (Meant Fiber Trends Clogs) before Christmas

Designing, the Star pattern is written out, need to get it typed up and then tested
Socks still going: Thujas, Jolly Green Giant and Tigers
Sweaters still going: CPH and Ms. PurplePants
Afghan still going: Babette

Finished: Basic Black Sweater will dye it. Ice Queen is done
Snow Drop Lace Socks- one done. House Socks 1.25 done
SOTSIII- 75-80% done
Abby Cowl from Knitty It will be Bams!

Fiber Exercise:

Happy Birthday Meghan of Stitch It! & Happy Podiversary!

Bams: Still spinning Alpaca
Ordered WOTA for the Chief’s Sweater.

You Just Got Schooled:

Fleece Study: Over 40 different fleece fibers to try and learn from
Developer Jackie Bland: Fleece Study
Thank you Amy aka ToadyJoe
This will be a new segment on the show Major info will be linked to Bams Blog

Black Welsh Mountain: “Not one that spinners will like very much” Very coarse, would be ok for Rug yarn
California Red: “The darker the fleece the coarser the fiber, Excellent for felting”
Would work for an outer garment

Our exercise:

Steady diet of making choices and lots of water
Back to week one, still getting better on the hip


Our Knitters Christmas Party: Thank you MargoKP for hosting
Christmas and New Years plans
Christmas Brunch Mimosas
Christmas movies and TV shows
Christmas poem:
New Years Cast on: Our local knitting group is doing a sweater/hoodie as our KAL. Please join us if you wish.
CPH or Mr. Greenjeans or A Cardigan for Arwen or something else:
Decisions decisions
Anyone interested in Machine knitting?


P-Cap Baby stuff:
P-Cap Items

On the menu for this month:

Shady Side Farms: Sheering day 27th They will be open for purchases on the 20th

Knit away Weekend

Franklin at ThreadBear on the 25th of January

Shout Out

Chrissythegreat of Manic purl podcast

Gadget Corner:

Blocking Boards

Wall insulation blocking boards Blog on how to
Foam floor blocks for blocking.
Blocking Info

If you have time, please let others know what you think of our podcast over at iTunes

Merry Christmas to all and please be safe

11 December, 2008

Episode 14: Where We Reveal Our Classy Ancestry

You can listen here

Weigh in:
Finished: Hunting socks for BIL and a red pair of socks,Skull gloves,


Mom finished a wonderful blanket for P-CAPBams Mom's Baby Afghan
Ornament for exchange

Started: Ice Queen
Snow Drop Lace Socks

Still going: SOTSIII

Christmas Present: pink yummy yarn. 50/50 Merino/TencelChristmas Gift from Bams

Finished: Ornament Exchange sweaterPics December 08 028Coffee SocksCoffee socks made with Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Marmi
Secret Surprise: Blanket for Baby Charlotte
Heirloom Pattern
Swap scarf, it is mailed back already

Started: BSJ in Miss Priss from Schaffer yarn

Frogged: Pi Shawl with Sleeves

Still going: Ms. Purple Pants has been on hold since drs appt.

Fiber Exercise:
Bams: Spinning up alpaca and some BFL from the two fleeces she bought after the interview last week
Winter Interweave Knits
Men’s sweater, not doing it for us.
Other patterns are good, check it out.

Rowan book 40, Bams is looking for it

Creative Knitting:
Love the back page of projects
Lucy Neatby DVDs
Check it out

Festivus: The holiday for the rest of us

On the menu for this month:
Knit away Weekend
upcoming Interview
LNYP at City Knitting Dec 12th
ThreadBear Yarn Tasting event
KerstMarket is Happening in Holland
Shady Side Farm

Shout outs:
Prayers, Good Thoughts, however you roll…for Bam’s father Denny
Bams Sister, yay on knitting!!
Donna: Thank you for the comment. Bams does not spin the dog fur, but it can be spun.

Our exercise:
Book: Eat this, not that

Gadget Corner:
Yarn Guide or Knitting Thimble

Thank you all for your patience. Winter has hit West Michigan and we will get Episodes out as we can. I hope that it will still be weekly, but we shall see.

05 December, 2008

Episode 13: Here a sheep, There a sheep

You can listen to the show here

Bams and the Chief went to Beechtreefarms and have a wonderful interview for us this week. Thank you to the Chief for going with while Coggie was at college.
CIMG1057CIMG1063CIMG1066CIMG1064CIMG1065CIMG1060 CIMG1069

Special announcement: Hornshaw Woodworks is having a sale on their Swifts

Coggie will be back in the next show