26 June, 2013

Episode 187: It's my party and I'll Rant if I want to!

Show notes can be found at www.thehighfiberdiet.blogspot.com

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Ep: 187

Weigh in:


Spider web Shawl


Garden Path Shawl- The seasons of GH

Vivid- handspun skeins

Still going:

Socks- Self dyed striping

Ink- Highland Handmades Special order


Rams & Yowes- Self dyed

Portion control:

The High Fiber Diet colorway- Hippie Penguin

Sangaria Self striping- North Cabin Fiber Crafts

Ply magazine

Fiber Exercise:

A talk with my man from Highland Handmades- 365 yards

Fiber Addiction (unknown colorway)- 320 yards

 Tour De Fleece!

Cooking School:

Yarn color for your pattern stitch

Chocolate yarn:

Rocky Coast Swatch

Storm Mountain

A La Carte:

A plea to designers:

In the Kitchen:

Homemade Cheez-Its

Pot Luck:


Round Ripple Blanket

Baby Lowe Lizzy Dress


Spin day & Friends

Quiet nights at home

The Potato head bag give away

On the Menu:

Yellow ribbon

Michigan fiber Festival’s


Gadget Corner:



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07 June, 2013

Episode 186: Boys and their Toys

Show notes are located at www.thehighfiberdiet.blogspot.com

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Weigh in:



felted clogs


 Spider web shawl


Dyeing yarn

4 skeins

Self Striping

Sock yarn

Portion control:

EZ Knitting workshop

Fiber Exercise:

Finished “Don’t touch the butt”- 208 yards

A La Carte:

Gimme Coffee

In the Kitchen:

Mustard Crusted Tuna Steaks

Pot Luck:


Swallowtail Memory Shawl

Mr Greenjeans cardigan

Orange and Lace Wrap


Field Report:

Father’s day present early


Car shopping


Knitting problem!

Old Fashioned days

Little bear’s 2nd birthday- Sandbox!

Instagram: Thehighfiberdiet

Piddly bag from Piddleloop give away 2-28

New give away- Elizabeth Quintan Design

On the Menu:

Knit & Spin Day

Michigan fiber Festival’s

Yellow ribbon


Gadget Corner:

Tix Trinkets – Shawl Gems



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