24 June, 2014

Episode 205: A Case of the Grumpies

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Weigh in

Wee Bonnie mouse

Fruit stripe gum socks


Log cabin shawl

One design being test knit

Planning a menu

Michigan fiber festival

Knittin'in the Mitten

Keep up on the boards

Final payment due 7/1

Grocery shopping

Jewelry with a purpose- The Vintage Rose

Coggie's colors- masham- Highland Handmades




jewelry frame

Beauty from Ashes

Burpy Monster


Southwestern one pot dinner

Side dish

Infinitam winner announced

Sarge's birthday-Stephen Colbert shirt

Father's Day- grand children time

Ball winder

Coggie's birthday- coming up

Vera Bradley purse and wallet

If I were a rich girl: erlbacher-gearhart-knitting-machine-co

New roku


PT: Sarge is done

About Coggie's

Gadget corner

Design software

Intwined studio


Envisioknit design

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