27 August, 2008

Can I just say... Yarngasims???!!!

First we are very sorry about the quality on this episode. In an effort to make it better, we made it worse :S . Audacity lost more files, so we going to be looking at Garageband for editing and recording, if you have any better suggestions, please let us know.

Please don’t give up on us. We’ll fix it (someday).


Oh and we are now available on iTUNES!

And Download is available at mypodcast.com

-Interested in the Couch Potato to 5K program? Find it here! http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

Weigh In:

Bams Weighs In:
-BFF Socks: One down, one to go!
-Secret of the Stole III: yarn dyed, clue one complete
-Shetland Sock yarn: Almost spun up yay!
-Ice Queen: Staring at Bams jealously while being ignored

Coggie Weighs in:

-Blue Hawaiian Sock from Stitches
-Finished sock bag from last episode

If any of you would like to Weigh in with us, you can post in comments here or send us an email at thehighfiberdiet@gmail.com


-Bams didn’t make the Stitch N Pitch due to family “stuff” going on. Family is important and victory feel great.

-Stitches Midwest!!! can we say... YARNGASMIC!


-Ragdoll: you and your mom are awesome, can't wait til next year!

- Sheknitters:

Dinner was at Lou Malnati’s YUM!

Do you see the size of the wine glass? Yep Coggie was a little bit tipsy!
Had a blast everyone, lets do it again soon.
-MMMMMMMMalabrigo Sock yarn

-Blue agate stitch markers- Thank you Ragdoll

-Creatively dyed and The Fold gave Coggie her buttons

-Flash drive pattern by Leah Wulster at Knitting Software Inc -Dream Vest

-Kollage yarn -Lace Tunic pattern.. Coggie couldn’t get there, but she IS going to be getting it.
-creamy yarn , 80% milk 20% cotton, feels like butter!!!

Please someone!
Get Coggie the 5 (maybe 4) tier lace skirt pattern! Help!!

Tiered skirt, I want the pattern!!


Basic Sweater Design Class with Melissa Leapman:
Books by Melissa: Cables Untangled and Continuous cables coming out in October.

- measuring arms

Sorry we had to cut short this week, but we will be picking up everything we missed (including a gadget corner you’re going to WANT BAD) next week.
The contest is still going! We know we have sound quality issues AGAIN! So any comments with feedback about what you want to hear, or hear more of will still be eligible.

22 August, 2008

Quick update - Episode 1

Hey! Coggie is gone at Stitches (jerk) and I (Bams) saw some feedback that the show was not quite loud enough so I grabbed the file, did the amplify thing and re-uploaded. If you gave up because you were having trouble hearing, you should be good to go now! I guess these are the things you learn when it's your first try huh?

Thanks already for the constructive comments. We've received them in several forums and it is much appreciated (particularly the fact that it's truly constructive at this point).

Thanks so much for listening, everyone!

21 August, 2008

Episode 1- Ummm We're Ummmm New!

Welcome to the first Episode of The High Fiber Diet.

Download NOW!

We're so glad to have you here for our first episode! We hope you enjoy it and enjoy getting to know us. We are brand new to this, but we hope to get better and better.

  • Little Sock bag can be found at http://coggiesyarntale.blogspot.com/2008/07/little-sock-bag.html

  • Carpe Dye ‘Em Yarns by Bams can be found at http://www.carpedyeem.blogspot.com/ or http://www.carpedyeem.etsy.com/

  • Cast on's, WIPS and Off the needles

      Gadget Corner!

    Bams and Coggie will pick two winners randomly from the submissions. We will post a winner in approximately a month?)

    You can enter to win either a hand dyed Skein of sock yarn or about 360 yds of hand dyed, handspun merino that's approximately worsted weight.
    Prize yarn
    Two winners will be selected randomly from comments containing either something you heard and want to hear more of, or a suggestion for something you would like to hear in the future.

    Bams and Coggie can be reached at
    On Ravelry we are BammerKT and CoggieTM

    Thank you for listening and as always, check your bank account before starting The High Fiber Diet.

    20 August, 2008

    The High Fiber Diet
    Coming soon
    Real soon...