28 February, 2011

Episode 107: Fiber Fun

You can Listen Here

Wolfe farms

Weigh in:

Cassis- Forever in Blue Jeans Sweater
Mother Bears almost done- mailing to company.

Fiber Exercise:

Roo is fixed, thanks to the Sears set up dudes and Schacht Wheel Company!!
Then…I went to change whorls and the nut on the pin that holds it disintegrated in my hand.
Sarge’s wheel had feet problems, all fixed.
Trying out a Louet Victoria
Spun up the Phat Fiber Box into one skein expect for the hankies.

My exercise:

Meditation and walking
Treadmill time!
No meds!!

Cooking School:

Cleaning Needles & Hooks:

Nickel needles:
Brasso and Flannel or a metal polishing cloth
Bee’s wax or lemon oil and a soft cloth
Waxed paper, if needs a high grade sand paper and bee’s wax.
Soap and water, then a wipe down with waxed paper.

Cleaning your wheel:

Check your owner’s manual
Good Wheel Maintenance from Apple Leef Farm
Wood Beams wax
Danish oil, steel wool, soft cloth

In the Kitchen:

Pasta alla Formina

Pot Luck:

Noart: 372 washcothes
Emtgirl77: Kyle's Swiffer Cover
Clothedinthelamb: Aspen Cap and Cuffs
Jchant: Deep Deep Aquamarine Duster
Blheartszumba: ONline Afrika Stripey Knee-highs
Shuikuen: Sweet Embrace - After Winter storm

Field Report:

Missing him on Skype.
Operation Strong Bonds


Shady Side Farm Shearing day

Rita and Beth

I Spun 10 oz of Polypay on an Ashford Country spinner, with help from customers. I Love spinning bulky!!
Test spinning

Picked up a couple bumps of Polypay, a woven rug, a skein of Polypay, Socks for Sarge and acorns


Horse bag

NHB for lunch- yum, with Lorrie and Deborah


Baby lambs

New born Lamb
Lorrie and Lamb

Bedtime reading: Spinning in the Old way.

On the Menu:

Knit-a-way- April 7-17
Knittin’ in the Mitten- Thank you Katie of Knittin’ on the Fly Podcast for the shout out!
Still spaces available for both overnighters and day trippers!! Sign up soon!
Market is filling with fibery yumminess!! There are a few booths still open so if you want to sell your wares let me know.

Gadget Corner:

Turkish Spindles:
Knit Picks
Threads thru Time

Half hitch is like a Backwards e-cast on
Unmated downy roving or combed top.

22 February, 2011

Episode 106: Life Happened

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Finished Effortless Cardigan- Crochet chain on neck edge

Picture before neckline chain. Other to come soon.

Still going:
Olympic socks

Waffle Socks- Sock one

Cassis Sweater

Cassis- The Beginning

Crochet Cardigan- Not liking the lace- might change pattern.

Crochet Cardigan CAL

Fiber Exercise:

Roo has a broken leg. Talked to Schacht, they are sending part. Excellent Customer svc

Lady Bug Right Side

Put together Sarge’s wheel. First spinning: Treadles wander- buying kit to stop this. Silver tape for treadles?

Sarge's Wheel

My exercise:

Spent Wednesday shopping for Treadmills. Bought a Nordic Track T5.3. from Sears
Scale at Doctors-- 53 pounds off since Sarge left in May.
Valentine’s day- Mamm and results, Bloodwork
New Glasses


Cooking School:

Life Lines and stitch markers

In the Kitchen:

Coffee cake

Coffee cake to me needs coffee so I add: 3 tsp instant coffee to milk before adding to dry ingredients.

Pot Luck:

Rphsews2: Let's Give BDY a Hand KAL
Jj2edwards: Bed of Roses Shawl
Pauly81: hedgey
Knitzydoodle: Frog

Field Report:

Skyping a lot!
Coffee/cookie package going out tomorrow
PM’s/ Emails from other Mil Wives…wow, thank you!!
Flowers make me smile!

Flowers 1 week


Ordered Business cards from Vista point

Retail Therapy: Knit Picks, Woolery & JoAnn’s

Spinning Valentine swap/day

Wine Tasting party

Knitting with Amy

Podcast shout out! What is on my ipod and kept me company this week
Edit for the list.
I am not linking them but all can be found on iTunes or through Google.

1. The Anatomy of Knitting
2. Ba Ba Blacksheep
3. Barknknit
4. Belle of the Ball
5. Brass Needles
6. Caithnesscraftcollection
7. Cast On
8. Clothed in the Lamb
9. CogKNITive
10. Craft Patience
11. Crafternoon Tea with Grannyg
12. CraftLit
13. CraftSanity
14. Decoder Ring Theatre
15. Electric Sheep
16. Emeraldstitchnknits
17. Happycrafter 207
18. Here’s To Ewe
19. High Desert Meowzings
20. A History of the World in 100 Objects
21. Homespun Journey
22. iMake
23. KIPing IT Real
24. Knaked Knits
25. Knit Knit Café
26. Knit Misadventures
27. Knit Naturally
28. Knit Picks
29. Knit Sibs
30. Knit Spirit
31. The Knit Wits
32. Knitajourney
33. Knit Cast
34. KnitCents
35. KnitKnacks
36. Knitmoregirls
37. KnitPod
38. Knitted Spoon’s
39. Knitterwithcritters
40. Knittin’ On The Fly
41. Knitting History
42. Knitting Pipeline
43. Knitting Psychos
44. Knitting Rose
45. Life as a Nuurdygirl
46. The Manic Purl
47. Miss Elle Knits
48. More Hip than Hippie
49. Never Not Knitting
50. Outlier
51. Revenge of the Knits
52. Round the Twist
53. Sassypantsknitter
54. The Savvy Girls
55. Secret History of Social Networking
56. She-Knits Small Talk
57. Sidders’ Knits
58. Spilled Milk
59. Spin Control
60. SpinDoctor
61. Spinningjenny
62. The Sporkful
63. Stash and Burn
64. Sticks & String
65. Stitch It!
66. Subway knits
67. TheKnitGirllls
68. The Well Knitted Life
69. YarnCraft
70. YarnGasm
71. Yarnings
72. Yarn from the Garden
73. Yarnspinners Tale’s

On the Menu:

Shady Side Farm: Shearing day this Saturday
Spinning day on the 5th
Knit-a-way in April
HFD Retreat: Knittin’ in the Mitten- Spaces are filling, still have a few open!

Gadget Corner:

Chart Keeper from Knit Picks

11 February, 2011

Episode 105: No Apologies

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Waffle sock one is done

Still going: Crochet bear, EC, Crochet Cardigan

Coming up:
Garter Leaves
Cherry Wrap
Shades of Gingham

Fiber Exercise:

Finished plying Black Raspberry

My exercise:

Treadmill shopping

Cooking School: On recess

In the Kitchen:

Taco Pie

Pot Luck:

AnneLena: Ruched Yoke Tee (adult and child size)
GemmaDW: Fiesta Country Cotton Shawl
SapphireRuby: Hearts around
Puffygriffinclaw: Peachy Valentine Baby Blanket
Wannaknitsox: Ribbed For Her Pleasure

Field Report:

Back in The Sand box


Last week of leave:
Ice Dams- roof raking


Orders from Sarge

Podcast shout outs:

Knittin' on the Fly
Subway Knits

On the Menu:

Shady Side Farm Shearing Feb 26th
Knit-a-way 2011 April 7-17
Black Sheep Gathering?

HFD Retreat: Knittin’ in the Mitten
14 spaces still available for sleep over 10 for day trippers.
Contact me if you would like to join us for a fun and relaxing getaway.

Gadget Corner: No Gadget this week

01 February, 2011

Episode 104: Do a Little Dance

You can Listen Here

Weigh in:
Started & Finished: “Hat Fit for a Boyfriend” in hand spun


Started Waffle socks in Olympic medals

Olympic medals Waffle socks

Still going: CAL Cardigan (increasing evenly to get pattern repeat), Effortless Cardigan, Peace Socks

Fiber Exercise:

Plying black Raspberry. Set up Roo for Irish drive

Side guide for drive wheel

My exercise:

Dancing- Looking for a good inexpensive treadmill.

Cooking School:

Phat Fiber Review: January box: Chinese New Year

Phat Fiber Box
Link to a list of sample vendors

In the Kitchen: Kitchen closed due to Leave

Pot Luck:

Phoenixfire: Hand spun yoke Cardi
JJ2Edwards: Rainbow fish hat
Stebo79: Neck Warmer Handspun
JavaNut: Cable Wrap

Field Report:
The 1st week of leave
Presents: Sheep shirt


and Woven shawl


Thanksgiving in January- Turkey rocked- pies flopped
Shooting Range: Pictures on my Blog

Leave party: Bear still has pipes!
Leave Party

Sheep Skins
Sheep Skin

LYS shopping-

Socks for Sarge

Acquired 2 skeins of Araucania Ranco multy in 318
1 skein, Dyed by the owner, sock yarn in a cammo color way
Jumbo Sweater shaver

LorrieU brought me the Cricket Loom


Thank you Living4fishin for the sock bag!!!

Sock Bag

Thank you YarnHollow for the socks!!

CogKnitive Kal/Cal- Mother bear project

On the Menu:

Knit-a-way 2011 in April
Black Sheep Gathering?? In June
Michigan Fiber Fest in August
Stitches Midwest in August
HFD Retreat “ Knittin’ in the Mitten” November

Gadget Corner:

Gloves in a bottle