10 March, 2009

Episode 23: Letting My Fat Flag Fly

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Listen here:

Weigh in:
Finished: FLS
Working on: Clapotis and Rippled Cosmetic Bag
Working on: CPH, Shur'Tagals and Bella Mittens

Fiber Exercise:
Thank you Knitamaniac and Tina for the alpaca fiber! Beautiful!
Contest: Spinning Listener: Tell us why you need to spin Suri Alpaca, you can receive some from Bams.
PegofTilling, forgive Coggie for saying Atlanta. Thank you for the stickers from Athens.

Bams: Lace weight Singles of Brown Alpaca

Coggie: Polypay spinning.
Dyeing both mill spun and the handspun Jacob That Bams cleaned and carded.Dyeing done
Knitted and crocheted up 4-inch squares.
Care and feeding of your spinning wheel published in 1981.
Mineral oil, Vaseline, 30wt, Jig-a-loo
Spinoff: Spring and Summer 2007 – Dyeing and spinning self-striping sock yarn
Verena Magazine site

Our exercise:
Bams: Worked out three times, low impact is good.

Blog post: Enchanting Juno not Purling Dervish Sorry for the mistake.
We let our Fat Flags Fly here.

You’ve just been Schooled: More Info can be found on Bam’s Blog
Gulf Coast Native: Squishy. Natural selection breeds. Next to skin.
Hampshire: Short staple. Navajo ply. Outerwear.
BFL Farm: Beechtreefarms

Look What I Found: YuVee on Ravelry has designed a Chair Cover. She is doing a Chair Project .

Girls State – a week in the summer
Ravelry Group: Games
Duct Tape Dummy Class? Anyone interested?

On the menu for this month:
Road Trip to GA. 12-18 (or 19th).
Heading to the Spinning Loft on the 28th
Bams Birthday- early April
Tuesdays at the Coffee Shop in Muskegon

Gadget Corner:
The Fiber Sphere pen -- Ballpoint pen with a tape measure in the top.