05 November, 2009

Episode 47: Insane

You can listen here

Weigh in:
Finished: Mustard Scarf
Cherry Mustard blocking
Still Going: Take-a-long socks, Steel Topper
Started: Forest Sweater
Body of sweater done

Fiber Exercise:

Still doing the dancing

Cooking School:
Spinning and plying

Pot Luck:
Vicers5: Chunky Monkey
JavaNut: Biologist's DNA Scarf
Betani: Multnomah

In the Kitchen:
Pepper Bellies

Getting ready for Fiber in the Forest
Cleaning house- Fly-Lady
Parents Anniversary
School and knitting

On the Menu:
Fiber in the Forest

Kitchen Gadgets:
Pasta Rack- To dry wool on


Patti said...

We call your pepper bellies Grandma June's nachos. My sons really like them a lot.

Coggie said...

Cool, all over they are known by different names, but still yummy!

SpaceJunk said...

I just found your podcast for the first time and am listening to your most recent blog. I'm so excited to hear about another knitter who loves bellydance!! =)

Coggie said...

Thanks, I am learning but I love it. Great exercise.