24 June, 2010

Episode 76: Garbage in, Garbage out!

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Weigh in:

Commuter knapsack

Fiber Exercise:

Tour de Fleece prep

My exercise:

Y 3x this week, down 4#

Cooking School:

How to make the SSK sit a little better. Trick to P3togtbl

In the Kitchen:

Easy Cheesy Tuna Casserole

1 box Kraft Mac n cheese
1 can cr. of mushroom soup
1 can chunk white albacore Tuna- drained
1 single serve frozen peas- cooked
French fried onions
Black pepper
Cook noodles according to pkg. directions. Drain, Do not add milk and butter. Add soup and cheese mix, stir well. Add drained tuna, peas and stir. Add pepper to taste. Serve and top with French fried onions for crunch. We like this with a salad.

Pot Luck:

Tripletsrus: Thistle Design 'Balmoral'
Mandymosey: My first shawl.
Knittinwolf: Tehachapi in the Fall!
Stebo79: Sheepmania
PegofTilling: Pink Tea Wallet


Back in School
Thank you
Cleaning needles Cleaner
Getting ready to go

Talk Soup:

More from Shadysidefarm

On the Menu:

El Paso
Future plans : Oh I was ousted to Sock Summit 2011!! Maybe...

Gadget Corner:

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