03 October, 2010

Episode 89: I am who I am

you can listen here

Weigh in:

Finished Iced
Started: sweater inspired by WWSIP day
Socks for college take along project
Still Going: Hats

Fiber Exercise:

Finished spinning ½ of Bamboo/Merino
Gained the alpaca, and Marr Haven yarn

My exercise:

10 minute a day 4x this week

Cooking School:

Inserting a zipper
Crochet together
pin zipper down and sew in
lay zipper on
Finished zipper

In the Kitchen:

Baked Acorn Squash

Pot Luck:

Phoenixfire: tilting TARDIS
tanteUll: Jaywalker
tmkr: Starry Alpaca Celaeno
Skburger: Jana Banana Spandexpants Sock Monkey

Field Report:

Keeping soldiers warm update: 102 hats.
Snow is in the mountains now : Ordered Hand warmer bags- Froogle.com


Need: to find an ornament, Start 2 baby blankets.
Spirit of America Pictures on Blog
Art Prize/Art Walk

On the Menu:

Rhinebeck!! Spreadsheet (no, I didn't make it)

Knit Wits Podcast

Gadget Corner:

Wickedpyssa: Getting Organized