28 February, 2011

Episode 107: Fiber Fun

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Wolfe farms

Weigh in:

Cassis- Forever in Blue Jeans Sweater
Mother Bears almost done- mailing to company.

Fiber Exercise:

Roo is fixed, thanks to the Sears set up dudes and Schacht Wheel Company!!
Then…I went to change whorls and the nut on the pin that holds it disintegrated in my hand.
Sarge’s wheel had feet problems, all fixed.
Trying out a Louet Victoria
Spun up the Phat Fiber Box into one skein expect for the hankies.

My exercise:

Meditation and walking
Treadmill time!
No meds!!

Cooking School:

Cleaning Needles & Hooks:

Nickel needles:
Brasso and Flannel or a metal polishing cloth
Bee’s wax or lemon oil and a soft cloth
Waxed paper, if needs a high grade sand paper and bee’s wax.
Soap and water, then a wipe down with waxed paper.

Cleaning your wheel:

Check your owner’s manual
Good Wheel Maintenance from Apple Leef Farm
Wood Beams wax
Danish oil, steel wool, soft cloth

In the Kitchen:

Pasta alla Formina

Pot Luck:

Noart: 372 washcothes
Emtgirl77: Kyle's Swiffer Cover
Clothedinthelamb: Aspen Cap and Cuffs
Jchant: Deep Deep Aquamarine Duster
Blheartszumba: ONline Afrika Stripey Knee-highs
Shuikuen: Sweet Embrace - After Winter storm

Field Report:

Missing him on Skype.
Operation Strong Bonds


Shady Side Farm Shearing day

Rita and Beth

I Spun 10 oz of Polypay on an Ashford Country spinner, with help from customers. I Love spinning bulky!!
Test spinning

Picked up a couple bumps of Polypay, a woven rug, a skein of Polypay, Socks for Sarge and acorns


Horse bag

NHB for lunch- yum, with Lorrie and Deborah


Baby lambs

New born Lamb
Lorrie and Lamb

Bedtime reading: Spinning in the Old way.

On the Menu:

Knit-a-way- April 7-17
Knittin’ in the Mitten- Thank you Katie of Knittin’ on the Fly Podcast for the shout out!
Still spaces available for both overnighters and day trippers!! Sign up soon!
Market is filling with fibery yumminess!! There are a few booths still open so if you want to sell your wares let me know.

Gadget Corner:

Turkish Spindles:
Knit Picks
Threads thru Time

Half hitch is like a Backwards e-cast on
Unmated downy roving or combed top.