23 March, 2011

Episode 109: Chicken

You can Listen HERE

Weigh in:

Cassis Sweater- Try it on Tubing

10 repeats in

Slip 1st stitch and knit last tbl

Socks- Kollage dpn’s. Thank you dnaprice!!

Online sock yarn

Fiber Exercise:

Washing hand spun
Beach Day 3 oz spun up

Day at the beach

Pink Polypay- Spinning two bobbins to do 3 ply with beach days

Pink Polypay

Cormo on Little wow, Silk on Golding

My exercise:

Ordered iFit and got C25K app, will walk it right now maybe jog later

Cooking School:

Fiber Study- Spinning Loft Fiber Sampler

Fiber study

Received hand cards yesterday

Hand Cards

Need laundry bags for washing

In the Kitchen:

Smoked sausage with cabbage

6 Smoked sausage links
Bit of olive oil spray

Fry them up

1 head of cabbage, cored and shredded

1/2 cup water

Pour water in pan over links, add cabbage- cook until done.

Can serve smoked sausages in buns with stone ground mustard!!
I like vinegar on my cabbage.

Pot Luck:

Stebo79: Minion Factory
Knittinwolf: Monster Chunk
Crochetster: Tender Rose Bag
Knitzydoodle: Elephant
Strickland66: Ridge's Got Milk? Hat

Field Report:

No talking this week
Letters from listeners- You keep me going!!


Storms- don’t like them
College- Hurts my brain
Wine club- Makes the above better
Hair problem- Leave it alone, Henna, Dye or Perm???

On the Menu:

Knittin’ in the Mitten- 9 spots left!!
Goody Bags!
DVDs- Checking if it has a TV, if not I might have one I can bring.

Gadget Corner:

Know your Wheel- Review