21 June, 2011

Episode 120: Disclaimers

You can listen here
Winners please contact me on Ravelry

Weigh in:

Olympic socks
Calligraphy sweater
Switcheroo socks
Sanguine Gryphon Yarns

Fiber Exercise:

Drop spinning
Polworth on WOW
Silk on Golding
Fiber study: Hand Carding? Putting Sarge to work!
iSpin app. on iTunes
Free ebook of spinning from spinning daily

Cooking School:

Review of:
Signature DPN’s
Blackthorn needles

In the Kitchen:

Sarge cooks?
Homemade tortillas

Pot Luck:

On the forum group

Ask Sarge:

Questions for Sarge


WWKiP day
Summer Knitting plans
Knit & Spin Magazine
Hurt book sale at Interweave
Listening to old friends
Retail Therapy: Sheep Mugs And other etsy sites- look up knitting mugs on Etsy

On the Menu:

Tour de Fleece- Team Sasquatch
Tour de Fleece starts Saturday July 2nd and runs until Sunday July 24th, 2011
Knittin’ in the Mitten- Final payment is due by July 1st
This does not include tee-shirt order
Farm Crawl has been cancelled. Friday is for relaxing

Gadget Corner:

String for blocking or what to do when you lost your blocking wires.