08 February, 2012

Episode 144: Duct Tape & A Hammer

Weight in:
Finished: Mitts for me in Bo Peep


Still going: Retreat Socks in Coggie’s Dream house
Started: A Hug in Lady of the Lake

Portion control:
Frogged: Calligraphy Cardigan, Wingspan
Ordered: Colorshift yarns,
Received: Bag from MicheleStitches
Into the Whirled
Fiber Exercise:
Silk Rainbow for Roue 95 yards

Silk for Roue

Rose Petals- 210 yards

210 yards of Rose petal

Yak on Highland handmade Spindle-

1st spin on this spindle

Creatively Dyed Yarn – Roussillon- SW Merino

Cooking School:

Handspinning Advanced Techniques with Mabel Ross

In the Kitchen:
Valentines dinner-Braised Steak and onions
Pot Luck:
Roommate Socks
1st of 12 in 2012, Trenza Mitts
Tour de Sock - Calable
Crochet Lacy dress Eliska
Stripe socks - afterthought heel

Drill Sergeant:
Storm prepared FEMA
Taste Testing:
Alpaca: 33 yards sport


Short backward draw (modified long draw)
BFL next
A La Carte:
Yasmin Gamal
Anniversary Cards- Soldiers Angels
Award at work
The Guardian Angel Afghan
Superbowl Sunday-
Little bear is crawling!

Little miss Z gets her sweater


Roo gets a new drive band- Mr Spot!!
On the Menu:
Shearing day- Shady Side Farm- Feb. 25th
Knit-Topia- April
Knittin’ in the Mitten- November
Gadget Corner:
Altoid tin- for ear buds or stitch markers