04 June, 2012

Episode 155: Lighbulbs!

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Space cadet socks- Spinning Fates

Rams & Yowes- My hand dyed

Pretty thing- Quiviet

Travel Knitting- Frogged- Thinking of over dyeing the yarn

TGV- Started and finished- Velocity needles- Susan Bates
Amy morning

Fiber Exercise:

Kaleidoscope eyes- loop batt

My exercise:

Lost weight

Peanut butter vs., Nutella

In the Kitchen:

Hamburger Pie

ToadyJoe's Recipe

Sarge’s corner:

Still collecting birthday cards

Says hello to all of you

A La Carte:

Sock Report- New online magazine!


New glasses

Fiber Train/ weekend with ToadyJoe


Yarn bombing

Picking up Lucy

Dinner out- the Curb!

Phoenix from the ashes class- brought the wrong homework bag!!

Hot socks Tips!

A memorable yarn w/ Brenda

Travel home

Grand Baby time
On the Menu:

Bachelor party

Stitches Midwest


Knittin’ in the Mitten

Gadget Corner:

Hansen Mini Spinner