22 February, 2014

Episode 200: Experts?

Drawing for 200th Episode!

Weigh in:

Finished: (On Ravelry Page)

Burton Bear Cowl

Skular Hat,


OTN: Stitch Surfers

Antler Cardigan

Mitered Square #5

Planning a menu:

Ravellenics- Team Sasquatch

Watching Olympics

Olympics Hats!

2014 USA Olympic hat

Hip to be²- Get your square posted

Shearing Day- Shady Side Farm- 3/1

Grocery Shopping:

Go for the Gold- Desert Vista Dyeworks

Snacks: (New to me patterns or designers)

Persian Dreams

Socks of a different Stripe

Celtic Cable Shawls



What does the fox say?

Hour of the witch

Premi Caps


Chemo Sheep Heid

Entrée: (Tech talk)

10000 hours to Expert

Side Dish: (a bit of talk about our lives)

Boo graduates in April. Accepted to Grad school and offered a GA position. Grand School ½ paid for!

Bear got a new job- Hired in not temp.

Grandkid time! Snow paint, Felt Racetrack, Bowling, Hot Cocoa, Waving goodbye, Grandparents worn out!

Grand Boys turn 9 & 11

Exercise: (Real battle of losing weight)

Carb counting is working

I can have cookies!- On my Blog

Easy breakfasts

Kitchen Gadget or Dessert: (Favorite thing of the week)


DVD- Interweave- Building Blocks of Spinning

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