02 November, 2015

Episode 230: Thank you for your support

 Thank you for listening!

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Episode 230

Weigh in:

Currently working on:

Brickless in unknown from peepaloo fields

Baable hat- patrons classic wool and abracadabra yarns


Mini gale- nunoco fibers- handspun

Exercise: SPINNING!


At the table-


Grocery Shopping





On the forum

Side dish:

Leaf peeping- silver lake sand dunes- lighthouse

Washing all the wool

Barnacle Bill the cyst- Nothing conclusive from ultrasound except size, MRI scheduled 11/10

Lots of walking- knee is adjusting better

Real food!

Question about hunger

On the menu

Knittin' in the Mitten--  November 4-8th

Vendors- fiber addiction and girl cave bags !

Sponsors- more to add-

Heidi from Undead yarn coupon code: KNITTINMITTEN for 15% off starting Nov 2nd through November 30th

Gadget corner-

No gadgets!

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