25 May, 2017

Episode 261: We will drive 500 miles and ...

Show notes are located at www.thehighfiberdiet.blogspot.com and on the Ravelry group. 

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Episode 261:

Weigh in:

On my needles and hooks:

Opal Ron colorway

New: Central Park hoodie - Highland Handmades in Worth Waiting for.

no hood, add pockets and length. 

back is done. Cast on one side of the front. Errata! 

Summer Love Wrap- shepherds wool in Spring chick

Boho gypsy bag- white cotton, need D rings. Ordered a leather punch gun.


Spinning! The zen is real.

Blue fiber for the sweater

Ice melon Grellow

Uniquely yours! Colors



All projects talked about are in projects shared on the Ravelry group. 

Grocery shopping:

Tip of the Mitt Fiber event:

Tried a treadle wheel again. Now on my list to buy. 

Phone crashed - theothersarge fixed it but no photos. Sorry. 

Stone Hedge fiber mill Corriedale almost 5lbs

Woof from Washentanaw wool company

Laundry butter

Gift: love at first stitch

Mindful moment:

Failure is not the problem. Giving up is! 

Saw this on a road sign. Ah-ha moment. 

Is losing over 100 lbs but not reaching my goal really failing? 

Holding steady on weight. Looking into pound of cure and the Dr. V diet. Both are more veggie based until weight loss is done. Protein to maintain. 


Road trip-We will drive 500 miles! 

Weekend with amazing friends! Thank you SNotestine and Theothersarge for hosting

Kindle unlimited- resubscribed

Looking at flooring. Rolled laminate. Start a savings plan. 

Health check in:


Short term:

More water

Less popcorn


Long term:

Walk a 5k in less time than last year

Laugh more

Find a job

NSV- sleeping on an air mattress. No slouch. 

On the menu:

Graduation from Baker College

Stitches Midwest

Michigan Fiber Festival

Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool

Knittin' in the Mitten 2017

13 spots available: bunk, bring.a.bed, day-tripper(full event), Saturday only. 

Information on the Ravelry group. 


Bubba coffee mug