08 January, 2019

272: Hiatius is over.

Episode 272:

Hiatus over

Weigh in:
So many have come and gone. 2 in front of me: 
Blue sands sweater in blueberry cobbler from Bernat
Community blanket from Knittin’in the Mitten- 6 colors of cascade 220

Crimson beret : LionBrand- Touch of Alpaca - crimson- no pattern. Cast on 88- 1 inch 1x1 twisted rib.  increase every other row 8x until 16 between markers. Then decrease every other row 8x until 8 stitch’s. Bind off. Soak. Stretch over dinner plate to block. 
Brambles- LionBrand - Wool-Ease- grey - pattern from knitty. Large. Boo loves it!


Plans for the cast: once a month feed until I/we can do more. 
Reviews of products: 4 in the queue so far...wait for them. 
Boo is moving to Indianapolis.

On the menu:
Hello 2019!

Words: calm and declutter 
Resolution: weigh daily- track food. 

Knit 100 interweave. Barnes and Noble. Recap of patterns from their magazines over the years. So many I want to knit. 
First: NYCO- dahlia sweater with front changes from others on Ravelry.