22 August, 2008

Quick update - Episode 1

Hey! Coggie is gone at Stitches (jerk) and I (Bams) saw some feedback that the show was not quite loud enough so I grabbed the file, did the amplify thing and re-uploaded. If you gave up because you were having trouble hearing, you should be good to go now! I guess these are the things you learn when it's your first try huh?

Thanks already for the constructive comments. We've received them in several forums and it is much appreciated (particularly the fact that it's truly constructive at this point).

Thanks so much for listening, everyone!

1 comment:

Katie O said...

I'm not sure if I uploaded the new one or the old one, but the volume was good on my computer and zune. I like the fact that you do multiple crafts... spinning, knitting, and think there is some crochet in there too. Makes it very interesting. Plus I don't know much about spinning, so it was good to hear about that and the different fibers. Keep up the good variety and laughter! :)