21 August, 2008

Episode 1- Ummm We're Ummmm New!

Welcome to the first Episode of The High Fiber Diet.

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We're so glad to have you here for our first episode! We hope you enjoy it and enjoy getting to know us. We are brand new to this, but we hope to get better and better.

  • Little Sock bag can be found at http://coggiesyarntale.blogspot.com/2008/07/little-sock-bag.html

  • Carpe Dye ‘Em Yarns by Bams can be found at http://www.carpedyeem.blogspot.com/ or http://www.carpedyeem.etsy.com/

  • Cast on's, WIPS and Off the needles

      Gadget Corner!

    Bams and Coggie will pick two winners randomly from the submissions. We will post a winner in approximately a month?)

    You can enter to win either a hand dyed Skein of sock yarn or about 360 yds of hand dyed, handspun merino that's approximately worsted weight.
    Prize yarn
    Two winners will be selected randomly from comments containing either something you heard and want to hear more of, or a suggestion for something you would like to hear in the future.

    Bams and Coggie can be reached at
    On Ravelry we are BammerKT and CoggieTM

    Thank you for listening and as always, check your bank account before starting The High Fiber Diet.


    turtle49 said...

    Well thanks for the shout out to HornshawWoodWorks.com!

    If you want to post a picture of the swift feel free to link back to the images on my site.
    click here for Oak Swift preview

    Tim Hornshaw

    ToadyJoe said...

    Lovely first podcast, sounds like great things to come. My constructive criticism - well, not a criticism really, just a suggestion, is to increase your recording volume. I had all my speakers maximized and still could barely hear most of your podcast. Love the pics and links, and look forward to the next episode. Nice job, ladies!

    allergicmom said...

    I had a weird clicking/thumping sound in my ears throughout your podcast. It might have been because I had the sound turned up.

    Also, I'm just getting into spinning, and thinking about a spinning wheel, so more wheel reviews would be great!

    ikkinlala said...

    I like the gadget corner - so many places have yarn reviews, but there are fewer places to learn about other accessories.

    Silja Devine said...

    Great first show! I listened to the first uploaded one with the low volume thing. But I really liked the gadget corner! And I would love to hear more about your adventures in spinning.

    Erica said...

    Very impressive! I loved the local feel. I would like to here more about spinning. I really liked the gadget and the fact that it was local. There is so much great stuff right here in our own backyard. Keep up the good work ladies!

    katerina said...

    Terrific job on the new podcast! I think my favorite is the gadget corner too - I always love hearing about new cool things I can't live without or wouldn't have know about either.

    Your sock bag is cute - but don't you get your needles stuck in it?

    can't wait to hear what you have for the next show!

    sunsetknitter said...

    Nice job on the podcast. I really enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to the next one!

    Bean said...

    Nice podcast. My volume was a bit off also. I do not know how to fix it but it is hard to hear you well.
    Hoping for more podcasts.

    Abby said...

    Great podcast! Found you on ravelry. My only thing that I suggest you change is what others have been saying the clicking noise and the volume. If you use garage band I can help! Keep it up cant wait for the next episode!!

    Debbie said...

    Great podcast! Love all the humor it makes working at night more fun! I love to hear about free patterns and contests. Thanks for all your hard work. Debbie

    Bronwyn said...

    Great cast! I enjoyed listening- the only thing I would say is that if there's some way to record louder or get closer to the microphone or something, then definitely do it- I had trouble hearing it at times.

    Kristen said...

    Good job! Agree with the comment about how it was very quiet and needs to be a bit louder. The banter was great to listen to. And I was glad to see the WIPs and FOs on the web page so I had a better idea of the projects being discussed.

    Ann said...

    Great podcast! I am excited to be with you from the beginning! :-) I would love to hear reviews of different fibers that are less popular (not BFL, merino....etc). Just an idea! Keep up the good work!

    aka EAnnRN on Rav

    Megan said...

    Hi, I just listened to your first podcast. I think you guys complement each other really well and you both seem so friendly that it is very enjoyable to listen to you.

    Something I'd like to hear? I'd like to hear about projects that you've done in the past, both the good and the bad, and things that you learned from them. I'm a relatively new knitter and I always like hearing tips and tricks from expert knitters.

    Jeri said...

    I love to listen to knitting and spinning podcasts to hear about knitting and spinning. A bit about family and life is ok but just a bit. I fast-forward through the music and sometimes get a bit grumpy if I have to put down the knitting to fast-forward too many times. I want to win the handspun.

    starsongky said...

    How about discussions of items you've both knit (or crocheted) from the same pattern, what changes each of you made and why? That's one of my favorite Ravelry features, being able to compare the same project from lots of different crafters, gives me ideas what I can do to make a project my own.

    Jenny Girl said...

    Great job!
    I think you both deserve a pat on the back for this first episode. You filled the time well, with enough variety, but not so much that topics were here and gone.
    I love Coggy's laugh (I think that's right), and I like the idea of discussing books, movies, and music too. I like variety, since my projects don't fly off the needles. Oh and turn up the volume. It was quite low. I look forward to more pod casts :)