13 November, 2008

Episode 11 - Bitch, Please!

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Hunting socks, hand spun Shetland 1 done 1 almost done


Turkish cast on

Magic 8 cast on


Finished: Hemlock Ring

Pics November 08 084Pics November 08 082

Sweaters: Ms. Purplepants, Wallaby, CPH, Sleeve in your pi, Whiter Shade of Pale, Hubbies Cardigan
Socks: Tiger, Swap, Vanilla, Walking on love, Jolly green Giant, Blue Hawaiian, and Thuja
Blankets: Green monster, Sage snuggle, Corners for Baby, Babette and announcing: Shining star -when done I will write out the pattern.

Fiber Exercise:

Groupie, pretty pink, purple, green and blue hand dyed fiber being spun for socks.groupiespun

More yummy soft Alpaca



The kids asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told them to go in together and get me a wheel… yeah like that is going to happen.

Our exercise:

Bams: Lots of raking and walking
Coggie: is a slacker

Coggie went to see Brooklyntweed: Jared Flood in Grand Rapids Pics November 08 022

Pictures: how to take good ones.

It was awesome seeing the real projects instead of just photos. He is hugely based on EZ’s waysPics November 08 Sewn bind off
He signed my IK Holiday 2007
Pics November 08

She-Knits Bags

Bams sister got bit by the bug!

Christmas Music…before Thanksgiving UGG! Let’s de-stress the season...tell us how you kick the stress out of your life.

Hunting season starts here the 15th - good luck to all who hunt

C-Snip- Thank you. Please support your local animal shelters and clinics

On the menu for this month:

LNYP: December 12th
Possible Field trip upcoming
Knit away in January

Gadget Corner:

Provo Craft - Crochet tool kit with ergonomic handles.