08 November, 2008

Episode 10: So Many Tangents, You'll Think You're Back in Geometry Class

Listen Here

Weigh in:

Ms. Purple pants- One sleeve almost done, walking on Love socks
I have been working on a blanket for P-CAP

Pink Ribbon Socks: 1 done
Plain Socks:
Sleeves on the sweater

Fiber Exercise:

Bobbins for the Chiefs sweater.

Tried three different wheels

Our exercise:

Lots of walking

Lots of walking in the yummy weather, signed up for water aerobics

Recipes: Where we chatter

OK We Rant:

Hand Exercises: Coggie is a Do-Do, Please learn from her mistake
Sheep to Shawl: Hand care

Please see your doctor if you have injury, this is so you have exercises to help prevent injury.

P-Cap: Anything is welcome, please put a price on it , Contact us on Ravelry for where to send the items.

Bam’s has a butt kisser and lots of Alpaca: blond, strawberry and cinnamon. Mmmmm.

Hair, yes we rant about hair

Ornament exchange anxiety sets in.

Now we talk about Halloween-candy, pregnancy, friends, fun….

Interweave Holiday Edition

Yeah we can rant about everything

On the menu :

Knit away weekend: 2 spots back open January 22-25

Kerst Market in Holland

ThreadBear welcomes Franklin January 25th for Book signing.

January Knitting at The Bookman ?

Gadget Corner:

We are still loving Hornshaw Woodworks:

They now have Sockblockers YUMMO!

Only $19.95 for a set of two. Available in three different sizes, they hang for drying.
Etsy Shop
Coggie has a set and they are wonderful!

Ravelry ID's CoggieTM and BammerKT
Email : thehighfiberdiet@gmail.com