23 October, 2009

Episode 45: In Full Color

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Still going: Take a long sock
Back in action: Sgt Scarf

Fiber Exercise:

Spun up another bobbin of alpaca
Shake the stash

My Exercise:

Closetomyheart Thank you! : Belly Dancing

Cooking School:

Knitting from a silk hankie (Boo is trying to make the video presentable)

Pot Luck:

Teacozy: Jack
Profusion: War and Peace


Color tour

PrettyFull ColorCorn in the fallColorful leaves


Miss Bouncy and BooHow CMU welcomed the Seniors
Lawn Darts at CMU Sarge@CMU

More Color

New Color

On the Menu:

Stitches East
Fiber in the Forest- 2 weeks

In the Kitchen:

Old Fashioned Caramel

Kitchen Gadgets:

DarriellesClayArt Yarn bowl


savetheplanknit said...

Love all the pictures in the shownotes! Can't wait it listen later today!

bethanyg said...

Oh the Darts of the Gods! (That's what we called them) hahah! "Memmmoriiees....at the corner of my mind...."

Haven't listened yet, but wanted to post. ;)

Coggie said...

Bethany- We laughed as hubby worked on Eagles (F15), not lawn darts(F16) in the Air Force.