23 October, 2009

Episode 45: In Full Color

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Still going: Take a long sock
Back in action: Sgt Scarf

Fiber Exercise:

Spun up another bobbin of alpaca
Shake the stash

My Exercise:

Closetomyheart Thank you! : Belly Dancing

Cooking School:

Knitting from a silk hankie (Boo is trying to make the video presentable)

Pot Luck:

Teacozy: Jack
Profusion: War and Peace


Color tour

PrettyFull ColorCorn in the fallColorful leaves


Miss Bouncy and BooHow CMU welcomed the Seniors
Lawn Darts at CMU Sarge@CMU

More Color

New Color

On the Menu:

Stitches East
Fiber in the Forest- 2 weeks

In the Kitchen:

Old Fashioned Caramel

Kitchen Gadgets:

DarriellesClayArt Yarn bowl