26 August, 2010

Episode 84: Rubber Gloves

You can listen here

Coggie, Debra, rphsews2,Lorrie

Weigh In:
Coggie: Socks, Iced, SSS

Lorrie: Swirl shawl, Summit Shawl

Debra: Tappan Zee, Creature Comfort

rphsews2: Medalion Top, Allegan Sweater

Fiber Exercise:

Coggie: Core spinning
Lady Bug

and Merino
Cherry Vanilla

Spinning Trust me (not forget me knot..I miss spoke)

Lorrie: PolyPay wool from Shady Side Farms
Earned 3 ribbons

Debra: Woolmill.com Sock Monkey

rphsews2: Woolmill.com Desert Sunset

My Exercise: On Recess

Cooking School:

Using a close pin to hold your draft when walking away.
Velcro dots also work

Pot Luck: On Recess

In the Kitchen:
Xpress Ready set go

Pita pizza

Use pita for the crust
Top with what you like
oven for 8 minutes

Very crunchy crust.

Field Report

We blather about the Fiber Festival

BethanyG came to visit
Thank you Goosie and Peanut

Podcast meet up-- Thank you to Homespun Journey and Spin Doctor!!

Meet up
Meet up
Meet up



Keeping Soldiers Warm
Windswept Farms- BBQ , Salad dressing (Garlic Expressions)

Canning at the Fest

What we bought:

rphsews2: Humihomo circle and made a necklace
rphSew2 necklace
, Fleece

Debra: Briar Rose, Jelly eye needle, Lucet

Lorrie: Triangle loom, Needle jewlery
Note: No bunny naming contest. Please see Ravelry August 27 to see why.
Coggie: easier just to give my blog link. Plus a fleece. I sent it to Wooly Knob Mill to be processed, plus a triangle loom.

More talk about Windswept Farms
WindSwept Farm

California wool festival


Triple Gadget Corner

Lap block pad

3"X6"X20" green foam. Cover with material to keep fleece from stitcking.

Bobbin Case
Bobbin bags

Plasic Bread ties. Use for marking skein yardage Hornshaw Wood Works Swift
and for twisting up your starting tail to keep out of the way.

Splash Vest