06 April, 2011

Episode 111: Knitting Week

You can listen Here Weigh in: Finished: Forever in Blue Jeans Front Sock Swap Bag 100_1184 Whine a little wine bottle cozy Whine Cozy Knitting with Hand Spun is amazing!! Still Going: Olympic socks, School socks Started: Thunder CLAP in Mesa Frogged: Crocheted Cardigan and Blueberry Wrap Fiber Exercise: Pulled all fiber off bobbins to empty wheels. Toilet paper rolls and Paper towel rolls work great. My exercise: Treadmill and Latin dancing Cooking School: Still Carding! Picked up leather cloth from a friend and am almost done carding Corriedale. Feels like there is still some lanolin in the fleece?? But it is puffing up and does not smell. In the Kitchen: Stuffed Croissants: Refrigerator croissant rolls Nutella or Dark chocolate almond butter, Put dab inside and roll. Cook as directed. OMG! Pot Luck: RphSews2: Sock Monkey Sweater SusanDolph: Winter White Phoenixfire: Dot Kala: Little Coffee Bean Sweater Field Report: Pins and needles Recipes: Hair 100_1166 100_1165 100_1164 College Spring Quarter Any class that makes you watch “Cool Runnings” and write a paper on it has to be good the rest of the quarter. Baby Shower – Need to knit or crochet Easter On the Menu: Knit-a-way: Packing the car Knittin’ in the Mitten Gadget Corner: Needle Notebook- Knit picks