03 August, 2011

Episode 124: All-Righty Then

Weigh in:
Costa Rica Shawl

Costa Rica Shawl

Hitchhiker shawl
Switcheroo socks

Fiber Exercise:

Cupcake fiber

My exercise:
Crap room redo is a workout!

Looking in from the door

Bookcases- not sorted yet

Craft corner

Where the computer will go

Soldiers Angels

Cooking School:

Cat’s Sweet Tomato heel- $20 ebook
Turtlegirl76- Gusset on the bottom

In the Kitchen:
Sweet Cornbread

Pot Luck:

Framed Cotton Cuff
Traveling to Scotland Cowl
With This String... #2/11
Not for Christmas Brioche Hat
Multicolored Marrowstone
Berlin for "Tangled"

Drill Sergeant:

Good will- Started as a help to veterans
How the States got their Shape

On the Menu:
Michigan Fiber Festival
Knittin' in the Mitten

Gadget Corner:
Over door hooks

Shawls drying