31 July, 2013

Episode 189: Minding my Peeves and Queue

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Weigh in:

Vivid, Ink, Socks

Portion control:

Black yarn

Fiber Exercise:

TdF Total yardage: 1671 yards plied

Easter egg by First Draft- 320 yards

Spin Monkeys- 294 yards

Fiber Addiction- BFL silk- 275 yards

Sweet Georgia on Roo

Dye day-

Grey yarn

2 oz sw merino

Cooking School:

Pet Peeve #1-

Ratio on wheel

Pet Peeve #2

Balanced Yarn

Crimp per inch


Twist angle

Balanced yarn

App- iSpin

A La Carte:

Kate Jackson

In the Kitchen:

Tomatoes stuffed with Crab

Pot Luck:

Magic Slippers

First time

My Layla



Foot Soak!

On the Menu:

Michigan Fiber Festival- August

Yarn in the Barn- Briar Rose Fiber- October

KitM: November!

Food Sign up


Warm KAL

Halos for Hope collection

Wait list information

Gadget Corner:

Stitched by Jessalu

Firefly Kaylee bag

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