31 December, 2013

Episode 197: Go Go Gadget Knitter

This podcast is not for the young ones in your life. 

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Ep # 197

Weigh in: (projects I am working on or completed)

Finished: Bow Head band, Rainbow hat, Swap partners cloth

Frogged:  Wool Peddler’s Shawl, Ink, crocodile slippers

OTN: Sarge’s Socks, Thrummed Slippers,

Zzzz: Steel topper, Rams and yowes

NYCO: Antler Cardigan

A bit of Fiber: (spinning)

No spinning this week

Planning a menu: (Upcoming events)

SWS Swap

Ravellenic games


Grocery Shopping: (stash enhancement)

Window shopping only:

Cream Crisp

Noro Tayio

Snacks: (New to me patterns or designers)

Subversive Socks

Appetizer: (spotlight)

Ruisseaux for Rhinebeck

Fiddlehead mittens

Finally Some Real Weaving

Entrée: (Tech talk)

2013 Crafting in review:

24 projects finished

2014 is the year of_______!

Side Dish: (a bit of talk about our lives)

Pay it forward

Hank and Gracie Save the Day-  Audrey-lee


Recipe book


Christmas Cards

Bowling and CAH

Dessert: (Favorite thing of the week)

Knitter’s Keep

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