24 October, 2008

Episode 8: Holidays, Mushy Stuff, and project Schizophrenia

Weigh in:
Finished: 1 fruitloop sock done.


Working on: Sweater fronts , a pair of skull fingerless gloves. Fingerless glove, We call them pirates hat, We call them ampersand


Going to Start: Pink Ribbon socks:
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
How to check yourself properly

Secret of the Stole: will be worked on hopefully

Finished: A few washcloths Lacy round dishclothWashclothes, 1 love sockWalking on Love

Still going: Ms. Purple pants - on to the sleevesMs PurplePants back of Ms. PurplePants

Babette, Socks, Hemlock Ring Blanket

Started baby blankets for charity.Corners for baby

Fiber Exercise:


Susan Delgado: yummy Blue/yellow/green yummy hand spun. 350 yds.
Suggestions on what Bams should make please


She tore apart a silk dress and mixed it with Black Cori dale wool.

Is still in love with the Babe, wants to try one.

No exercise this week, but I gained weight.
Thank you Lisa for setting me up with Kim as a partner: Knitpicks starter dye kit, sock blank, Tea cozy book (sunflower and sheep cozy can be seen in the pictures), The Opinionated Knitter . Thank you Kim for everything!

Our exercise:
Did her running this week… Katie O - how’s it going? Anita did you start?

Wasn’t feeling good, so not any of this exercise either. Did check out the local aquatic center and will join it this next week

Recipes: Where we chatter;

Happy Anniversary Bams and the Chief

The sweetest story about their wedding

Sweetest day: Alfred Hitchcock
Holiday Kal/Cal- Yarnthing and Knaked knits: Sign ups are until October 31st

Holiday gifts

What are your holiday traditions? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Winter solstice? Let us know.

Do you want to this swift? One more week

Hornshaw Woodworks

On the menu for this month:

Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor, MI-Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds, October 25 & 26, 2008 $3 admission

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (better known as SAFF) Oct 24th- 26th in Fletcher, NC

Knit a way weekend: January 22-25 In Ludington, MI- 2 spaces left they are being raffled off. Contact KNITKNUT67 on Ravelry for info

Shout outs:
LadyDragonTear: you go girl!! Keep those socks a going.
Knitter83: You and yours are in our prayers


The Parent-Child Assistance Program: (P-CAP)

Anything from Booties to Blankies and everything in between is a welcome gift to these new babies. If you would like to make baby items, please contact us and we will let you know how to get them to us to donate.

Gadget Corner:
Lucet - Thank you Tim (teejtc) for our gadget this week

You can find us on Ravelry as BammerKT and CoggieTM or email us at thehighfiberdiet@gmail.com