31 October, 2008

Episode 9: The Halloween Episode Where We Barely Mention Halloween

Happy Halloween all!!!

Link to the show

Weigh in:

Still going: Ms. Purple pants- One sleeve almost done, walking on Love socks
Still Going: Fruit Loops almost done, Sweater fronts done, Skull gloves

Fiber Exercise:

Yummy alpaca
Shetland is to be spun
Spin for a sweater: Anyone want to join us for Cobble Stone after the New Year? OOO Exciting, our first KAL possibly
Still carding Alpaca

Hopefully will try wheels this week

Ladybug knitter it’s your entire fault!!! (We forgive you)

Our exercise:


Lots of soups in the diet

Recipes: Where we chatter;

Knit-a-way weekend

Army of Women.org Study on breast cancer

Warm drinks: Hot buttered Rum

Costumes: Ravelry to the one Bams talked about: Lady Parts

Chapstick holder

Simply Knitting

Ornaments: Minutia 08 Minutia07


Winners!! We have Winners!

Boy! Were they hard to choose!

Booby prizes:

StarsongKY: Knit Simple Holiday

JennyGirl: Surprise Prize

Grand Prize Winner:
JellyBean !!!

Thank you Hornshaw woodworks for the Swift

On the menu:

Jared Flood in Grand Rapids at City Knitting
Kerst Market in Holland

Gadget Corner:

Elizabeth Zimmermann DVD’s


Molly, the BeanQueen said...

Ladies, was just listeneing this morning while I work in my lab - wanted to tell you not to use hemlock for wreaths. If it is the "evergreen" type of hemlock as we have out here on the west side of the US (Washington state) it will VERY EASILY lose its needles once the branches are detached from the tree. You would shortly have "naked wreathes" and I know that is not what you wish.
On another note, I love your podcast, heard about it on Knaked Knits.

Coggie said...

Thank you drMolly :)