14 October, 2008

Listen to the Yarn Talk

Fall is here along the Lake shore and the colors are beautiful!

Listen to us here

Weigh in:

Finished: : Holiday Joy

Still going: Ms. Purple pants, Babette,Socks, Hemlock Ring Blanket

Pictures are found on her blog
Finished Baudelaire socks, YUM! Yay Cookie A
Frogged: Swedish Thora, Mystery Stole IV is headed for the pond too
Started: Basic Black Sweater

Fruit loops socks: In another hand spun yummy yarn

Learned to knit backwards

Starting to think about Halloween costume for the boy. Last year's:

Fiber Exercise:

spinning has happened and will continue to spin 2/3’s more
The alpaca Farm: 38 lbs of Suri Alpaca Fleeces were bought and brought home

Doing research in the Spin off magazine.

Our exercise:

Couch to 5k: getting back into the running

Diet/walking looking for Winter stuff to do

Where we chatter;
Bams met Franklin Habit: Thread bear Field trip in January

Taste of home cooking school: Yummy food!
Bread crumbs are McCormick Crusting blends with Panko bread crumbs

LNYP with Cookie A- did I insult her? If I did I AM SORRY!! I love your patterns, I just knit Vanilla Socks!
Coggie w/ Cookie A
Oh and she has designed scarves and other items beyond socks. Check her out on Ravelry
Not a lot of people showed up Small group at the LNYP
Cheesy Contest at the LNYP.Coggie making her cheese sockMIL making her cheese sockBethany making her Cheese sock
YAY BethanyG!!BethanyG with Cookie A, With winning Cheese Sock

Good Apple Cider: J.K. Scrumpy’s farmhouse organic hard cider

Do you want to this swift?
Hornshaw Woodworks

On the menu for this month:
Thread Bear is having that curves class: I will not be able to attend, Saturday classes start that week

Bams sold out at Carpedyeem.etsy.com new yarns are up now

Shout outs:
Cammera: (Kathleen in Japan) Thank you for the different yarns for me to try and for the crochet lace book
Camelspin by Handmaiden Fine Yarn
Hand made Paper yarn by
Stainless Steel & Merino from Habu

WendyMcD: Thank you for asking the question about Rav-addiction.

Please Vote on November 4th if you are in the USA

Gadget Corner:
Bams mom makes awesome Scrubbies
She has made a Pilgrim Hat for Thanksgiving.
We will be getting a pattern made up for it.