06 January, 2009

Episode 16: Wool Thongs?! And We Don't Mean the Shoes

You can listen to the podcast Here

Weigh in:
The Sgt’s Slippers
The SGT in the AAF Clogs

iPod cozy
iPod Cozy
Working on: Ms. Purple Pants and CPH, NYCO: Seamless Hybrid Sweater andSGT's Scarf 2 the Sgt Scarf is still going

Finished: Snowdrop socks, Wonderful Mystery Gift,
Socks for Ri
Ri's socks

Working on NYCO (sort of) Drops pattern for the Chiefchief's sweater

Abby Cowl

and Queen Bitch Socks

Fiber Exercise:

Spinning Wheel:
Babe Pinkie:
Babe Pinkie Wheel
LOVE IT! Thank you Knitinmn

First Babe Spin
and Dyed wool from Ladybugknitter (Thank You)
Ball of Polypay from Shadyside Farm
New Swift from Hornshaw Woodworks

washed bfl
& carded BFL Fleece
carded bfl

Trip to Shady Side Farm
Bought a Suffolk fleece and two balls of Roving

Our Exercise:
Week three on running
Coggie: Starting Yoga with the SGT, Walk away the pounds


Holiday Overload:
Granddaughter: Birthday girl

Bams yarn crawl and meet McFiber

St. Distaff Day: The day after Epiphany, or January 7th. Traditionally the day to get back to housework after the 12 days of Christmas. It has become a day for spinners and fiber people.

“You just got schooled”: Main information is on Bams Blog

California Variegated Mutant (CVM) – Yummy Squishy Want some!
Cheviot- Soft enough for a sweater
" Be careful who you buy fleece from online, ask for a sample"

Goals for the New Year?

Bams: Knit one item for herself for every item made for someone else
Coggie: Reading 52 books, one done (knit one, kill two)
Audio Books from the Library

On the menu for this month:

Knit Away Weekend 22-25 January
Franklin at ThreadBear Jan. 25 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm -its Franklin's Birthday weekend

Gadget Corner:

Chibi Needles: These Needles are super for finishing and finishing is super important.
Green- Straight tip
Yellow or pink- small bent tips (tapestry needles)
Blue- Large bent tips (Gold needles)