22 January, 2009

Episode 18: Where we agree on nothing..And we're ok with that

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Weigh in:

a muff in my hand spun Muff
1 row scarf One Row Scarf
Still going:
Toe up socks Toe ups

Mug Cozy
The Chief’s Sweater
and the Abby Cowl
Still going:
Nutkins one done


Fiber Exercise:

Received CVM in the mail
Spun up two ready done skeins to learn to ply
Learning to Ply
Spun up the bag of multicolored wool mixJoseph's Coat handspun
love the yarn; I am calling it my Joseph’s coat yarn.

Sick of Alpaca!
Washing BFL

Our exercise:

Coggie: None, had surgery on Monday, I cannot exercise for 4 weeks

Bams: Cable on Demand Exercise programs Step workouts, Cardio Kick boxing, Dance aerobics, great indoor exercises


Reading loving books, what type do you like.
Book 3- A deadly yarn
“Life is too short to read all the good books, so read only the best” (Bams Dad)
Keep finding the best to read.
Food Podcast: Crispy on the outside not Crunchy and tastes like chicken, sorry
We love our families, REALLY we do!
The story about the houses
Rants about marriage

You’ve just been schooled: More info on Bams Blog

Coopworth: Partly spun in the fleece: Long Staple
Cormo: Prep has a lot to do with how it comes out. Fine fiber. Short staple. Long Draw.

Jackie’s Tips:
Merino is not for beginners, scales tend to remain open and the stickiness makes it harder to draft.
She starts her students with Jacob
Temperature changes are ok with wool if done gradually, do not agitate

Look what I found: Profusion on Ravelry has an awesome Winter Freeform crochet bag (Ravelry link). She free formed over a pre-made crocheted bag and it is wonderful. This technique is also called scrumbling.

On the menu for this month:

Knit a way is this weekend : can't wait for feed back next week!!
Franklin is at ThreadBear this weekend
Knit Michigan February 7th
LNYP at City Knitting February 20th

Gadget Corner:
Stitch Markers
Stitch markers
Socks stitch marker
Increase/decrease markers
Split ring Markers or Lobster claw row markers
Split ring/lobster claw markers
4 row repeat marker
4 row repeat marker