14 June, 2009

Episode 32: Ridiculously Huge Amounts of Fiber

Weigh in:

Started and finished Pink and lacy blanketbanket
Started: Baby boy blanket
Still going: A-Line Tunic, socks (I’ve lost that loving feeling), Wrap me in Alpaca, Blue baby blanket
Lost and Found: Tablecloth started in 2001100_6360

Finished: Chief’s Sweater in BFL
and Viking Socks
Still going: Russian Stole, Vivian Cardigan

Fiber Exercise:

Bams: Blueberry yogurt fiber, into sock yarn. Jacob from Sweetgrass Farms
Coggie: Spun some BFL

Our exercise:

Coggie: Lots of sitting these last two weeks
Bams: Was sick, cleaned house and now doing a new program (she is not telling us)

Working our Butts off:
Coggie: Down 3 the first week, up one this week, so 2 off
Lots of veggies

Fly Lady: its water month. House cleaning is happening in both homes.

You just got schooled: Next Week
Working on getting pages up on the Forum in Ravelry.

Look what I found:
DNAPrice’s Girls Booties
Theresmiling Brainless socks

Lac-a-long went great- you can still join in. Thinking of doing the Quant from knitty.com join Coggie or show us the Entralac you are working on.
Spring Knitty- loving a few of the patterns (not inside-out sock- it is outside-in socks)
Coggie rants

On the menu for this month:
WWKIP day –

Thank you to the Needlesmith of Grand Haven for door prizes

Festivals going on across the country:
Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival: June 12th weekend
Iowa Sheep and wool festival-June 12th
Knitter Connection: June 17th – 20th Columbus, Ohio

Shout Out: KIPing it Real

Gadget Corner:
Highlighter tape