28 June, 2009

Episode 34: Coggie Turns 40! Come Join the Fun!

Weigh in:

Started: socks Inspired socks the pattern from Susie's reading mitts inspired me
Finished: One sock in the Patons stretch
Still going: Lacy crocheted top, A-line tunic and Mara
Sewing: a needle rollNeedle case Needlecase Needle case from placemats
& Circular needle holder Circ Needle holder

Sewing: PJ Shorts
3656302539_80575ffcceCPH- Zipper is done!
3656306485_51ff949e78One Jack Sparrow’s Favorite Socks

Still going: Faux Russian Stole, second Jack Sparrow, Vivian

Fiber Exercise:

Spinning 4oz Merino/bamboo Lace weight.
Prepping: Clarissa Jacob fleece, Blended red Shetland and Miriam Jacob fleece
Tour de Fleece- Go Team Cranky Pants!!
Cookie’s blog

Coggie: A bit more on the BFL-
Ordered Top from Llady Llama Fiber Co. This is LadyDragonTears Etsy store
(Name is now corrected, sorry for my bad memory- Coggie)

Our exercise:

Bams: Looking good! 3 weeks in.
Coggie: Birthday weigh in- down 2 lbs

You just got schooled:

Ryeland: Similar to Suffolk – Downy- Outer ware
Scottish Black Face: Course, no crimp. Rug yarn

Look what I found:

Blanche's American Flag Afghan
grandmajean's Inspector Duck


Interview with Diane Lalomia of Bella Vita Farm and fiber
Finn and CVM
American livestock breed conservancy
National CVM Conservancy .com .org
Bella Vita Farm & Fiber Etsy
Yellow Creek Cottage

Ewes and their lambs
LambsLambs and momma100_6432
Open ewes
Looms Table top starter and a full size
Tabel Starter loom100_6434

On the menu for this month:
Summer of Socks- Zarzuela on Ravelry
SOS 2009 Only on Ravelry- Check out the SOS2009 group
Zarzuela’s Etsy and the Piscean socks

Gadget Corner:
Sewing machine- Husqvarna


Jessica said...

I just finished listening to the podcast on my way to work today and y'all had me totally cracking up. First, the farm interview was fascinating! Sounds like a great time and the lambs are so cute!

Second, thanks for asking me to be on the show again. It was a lot of fun and I don't think I sounded like too much of an idiot. ;) I really cracked up at the comments about "not buying what I want" from my etsy shop. :) Too funny. Also, thanks for the compliment on my stranded knitting. ;) I would call it far from perfect myself, but I'll let you believe what you want to. ;)

Finally, a Zarzuela is a Spanish operetta form. I got my 1st AOL screen name from a random "flip and point" in a music dictionary and since I was taking Spanish at the time, it stuck. :)

So thanks again for having me on. It was a lot of fun! So are you going to post to the SOS group or do I have to? ;)

LadyDragonTear said...

Thanks so very much for the shout-out on my Etsy store! Love the show as always!

BammerKT said...

I'm not doin' it, Jessica! I had a great time talking to you and the Emerald city Finn I bought is FABULOUS! Thanks for my little extra too. Exactly my favorites!