22 June, 2009

Episode 33: Brought to You Complete With Birdcalls!

Weigh in:

Jack Sparrow Socks
Still going: Vivian Sweater, Faux Russian Stole

Lilac Lace100_6405 Crochet Partners on Yahoo
Still going: A-Line Tunic, Baby boy blanket
Frogged: Wrap me in Alpaca. Want to restart as Mara
Started: Light & Lacy Top

Fiber Exercise:

No Spinning
Bams: Washed up Jacob Fleece

Working our Butts off:

Bams: Working out is working out.
Coggie: Same weight

You just got schooled: More info on Bams Blog

Ramboulet: Greasy, Navajo Plied from the locks.
Romney: Nice long wool

Look what I found:

Tmkr North Roƫ Shawl
Sonomaknits Sirdar Design C Textured Cardi for Makena
EannRN designed Cut, Color & Clarity Awesome socks!


Knitting Machine
WWKIP Day Pics on Coggies Blog
Two different Russian Joins: Join one, Join two

On the menu for this month:

What is going on?
Michigan Fiber Festival- August 12-16

Gadget Corner:

Hair Clips for holding seems together