30 March, 2010

Episode 66: Soooo did we get our money back??

You can listen here

Weigh in:

Still going: Rooibos, Shawl, Socks
Fiber Exercise: swap package

My exercise:

5 W's

Cooking School:

Portuguese style knitting

In the Kitchen:


Pita bread, sliced cucumbers, radishes, olives and other veggies

Pot Luck:

Dnaprice’s Autumn Shawl
Lorrieu’s Citron
Twin1’s Citron
Teacozy’s Easter Leaves
Grandmajean’s Damn Pig


Knitting group
Furniture Shopping
Fell in love with this (Franklin not LazyBoy, sorry)
Pay it forward
Swap the Seasons

Talk Soup:

Questions from dnaprice

On the Menu:

Spring break/college starts
Knit-a-way 2010- April 29-May2
WWKIP day June 12-21

World Wide Stash Sale Day
Belle of the Ball Podcast
Raverly Group blog site

Gadget Corner: